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Vote for The Standard Bank KZN Top Business Brand 2021

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

The Standard Bank KZN Top Business Brand Award is much coveted each year and is awarded by public vote only.

Many well-known brands have been grown from within KZN and have made an indelible mark on consumer behaviour. Some of these companies have histories that started in the early twentieth century and they continue to expand their footprints today.

These brands have reached out locally, nationally and in many cases internationally. They also have a clearly defined brand identity and have a great story to tell.

According to the Harvard Business Review, among other attributes a top brand:

  1. Excels at delivering the benefits customers truly desire

  2. Is relevant

  3. Is consistent

  4. Understands what it means to consumers

  5. Is based on consumers’ perceptions of value

Previous Top Brand winners who well illustrate these attributes, include Defy, East Coast Radio, Blue Security and uShaka Marine World.

The interest shown in this award is reflected in the large number of votes cast. We are also delighted that companies take advantage of the opportunity by encouraging their staff members, clients and other stakeholders to get involved.

The Standard Bank KZN Top Business Top Brand 2021 will again be contested over several weeks. This year the award will be solely based on the results of a SMS voting system.

Entries for the Top Brand Award will open on the 1 May. Entries close 10 pm on 6 June. SMS 33808 to vote for the Standard KZN Top Business Brand 2021. You will be prompted to provide your name and surname and then to enter the name of your top brand.

You may enter as many times as you like but a cost per SMS will be incurred. Weekly streamed announcements on the 20 May, 27 May and 3 June will reveal the current rankings visit

Three weekly lucky draw prizes consisting of High Tea at the Beverley Hills Hotel for two people will also be awarded.

The Standard KZN Top Business Brand 2021 will be announced on the 10 June. This event will also be live streamed on the following link  

For more information contact


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