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Wealth Masters Club - Learn the secret of wealth creation

Updated: May 3, 2021

Wealth Masters Club provides a fool proof wealth creation system that never fails

in structuring one’s life and lifestyle.

Coert Coetzee, founder and CEO of the Wealth Masters Club explains, “Wealth Masters

is a system that started with the Duke of Westminster. I discovered the Duke’s ‘secret’

in 1996. The big thing about the system is that the Duke controls the assets of eighteen

forefathers that are contained in a 400-year-old Trust. That is the secret of wealth creation.”

Upon investigation of the Duke of Westminster, Coetzee discovered that the trust system being utilised had wide application and with the help of top trust brains, accounting

experts and academics in South Africa, mastered the system and started practicing this

method himself.

“It worked fantastically well. I created more wealth in two years than most people do in a

lifetime,” says Coetzee.

Wealth Masters Club is now one of the oldest, biggest and most successful investor clubs

in the world with more than 640,000 members worldwide. By joining the Wealth Masters Club, you will get access to the intellectual property of the rich and the royals.

In particular, the Wealth Masters Club specialises in company management, property

ownership and using investments in assets in precious metals - gold and silver as well as crypto currencies. Club members will learn how to protect and manage this wealth in specialised trust structures.

“A trust needs to be something specifically for you, for your situation and for your family or

business. It is not just one trust, it is about the structure of the trusts. Through the trust system we separate our assets from our liabilities in a double trust structure,” explains Coetzee. For example, a furniture manufacturing company’s equipment, tools, furniture and vehicles should be in a company asset trust. The shares of the company should be in another trust because they carry risk.

The operations of the company can be done by a Pty limited company in South Africa because of the sound company laws. If the company faces financial hardship, its assets are protected through the trust system. You will also learn how to invest correctly in property and to both refinance, manage and safeguard ones’ investments, especially in the climate of possible expropriation without compensation.

Refinancing plays a huge role in growing one’s wealth and property, gold and silver as well as crypto currencies can be used to finance one’s lifestyle needs rather than selling these assets.


By using the Wealth Masters Club system huge tax-free returns may be achieved. In

addition, business owners are taught to use company profit as a means to grow businesses rather than having to pay tax. Significantly, a priority of any investor is to ensure that potential taxes payable upon death never play a role in one’s estate.

Currently, companies or individuals wanting to make a Section 12J (“S12J”)

contribution, through which a 100% tax deduction is provided, have only until the

end of June 2021 to do so. While a minimum of one-million-rand investment is

required in a private company, Wealth Masters Club has a public company offering in

which smaller amounts can be deposited. This benefit provides tax exemptions for business profit. If the amount paid is not realised this exemption can be rolled over until the amount invested is fully used.

A member function is to be held in Durban on Wednesday 5 May. At this event existing

members are offered a refresher course on the basics of the Wealth Masters Club’s system and are able to engage with Coert Coetzee in person. Guests are welcome at this function, to see whether or not they have an appetite for the system.

To register visit

In addition, the Wealth Masters Club will be conducting a webinar on Saturday 8 May. This unique and popular full-day course, teaches both experienced and novice investors how to create enormous wealth and tax[1]free cash flow through the use of a specialised trust structure with a specific type of property investment.

The information shared on the course is absolutely essential for both the ordinary person

and the investor who wishes to create everlasting financial freedom for themselves and

their children.

To register visit



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