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“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic” – Seth Godin – The History of Marketing.

KwaZulu-Natal has produced some of South Africa’s most famous home-grown brands. Many of these successful businesses are the realisation of a vision. They are generally the product of a huge amount of passion and hard work. Companies may sell the same type of product or service and may have similar styles, but each brand has its own DNA – its quintessence. Ultimately, it’s the lens through which stakeholders perceive the business.

The KZN Brand DNA stories provide a glimpse into each of the businesses background stories, as well as insights into the key drivers that have made them what they are today. In addition, the KZN Brand DNA stories highlight the values, beliefs and feelings that create (or are created by) a brand. Often these are the reasons why people wake up in the morning and go to work. They may also be the reason why people buy the products or use the services offered.

In order to obtain these stories and insights roundtable discussions with a small group of employees, clients or stakeholders, were captured on video. An edited video clip was produced as well as a written summary of the highlights of the discussion. The KZN Brand DNA videos are available on the website KZN Top Business - YouTube

The process itself has caused for much reflection within the participants of each business and organisation that has been part of the initiative. In addition, the sessions have enabled a consolidation of what contributes to each one’s success and effective functioning.

Through the KZN Brand DNA series we hope to motivate other businesses to share their own DNA stories.


“It gave us a sense of who we are as an organisation, and we spent a lot of time talking about our vision, purpose and our values, and the history of the 153 year old organisation,” said Imraan Noorbhai, Standard Bank Provincial Head.

“The process itself has been inspiring – to look at our ourselves from the outside and seeing what has been achieved,” said Dr Kristina Wallengren, THINK (Tuberculosis and HIV Investigative Network), founder and executive director.

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