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What is a KZN Top Business Companies or Organisation?

How and why are they listed on the KZN Top Business Website?

The list is comprised of successful companies which, behaving ethically and legally, creates value, independent of the owners efforts. This usually results in a sustained stream of profit, and a positive market value, representing the anticipated future profits.

·         Ethically because unethical companies tend to transfer value rather than create it.

·         Legally because any value created illegally will be destroyed when it's discovered.

·         Independent of the owners because any company that depends on the ongoing work of the owners is more of a job than a company.

·         Sustained because if it's not sustained (or sustainable), it could be the result of mere luck.

·         Profit because anyone can make a company with a certain level of revenue without containing costs.

·         Market value because that's how we measure these things.

The KwaZulu-Natal Top Business Portfolio has been published annually since 1998. The Portfolio’s ongoing success has been achieved through the ability to constantly adapt to change and to use of a variety of communication methods. These include our newly developed multimedia website which is well optimised on a variety of search engines, an A5 hard copy handbook as well as a digital version, social media tools and a growing series of videos.

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