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Burgette Yarlett

Burgette Yarlett

BURGETTE YARLETT is the founder and owner of Beyond Visible Belief. She is a Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, life coach and motivational speaker providing one-on-one coaching, couples coaching and group workshop facilitation.

Her business is her calling to positively transform people's lives and make a positive impact on the world. "I inspire and empower people by equipping them with the tools they need to succeed in life," says Burgette. "I get people to go within and realise they already have all the resources they need inside of them, they are sometimes just disconnected from them."

From Broken Bones To Breaking Barriers

To get where she is today has been quite a journey. She says it could be summarised as "coming from broken bones to breaking barriers." At the age of 21 she had a successful modelling career. Unfortunately, she had a horrific car accident which she miraculously survived, but was left disfigured, "almost without a face". She had a gaping hole where her nose used to be, one eye socket and her cheekbones were crushed, her jaw broken and palate split in half.

Burgette does not dwell on the physical rehabilitation process, which included major reconstructive surgery. She admits times were daunting after the accident, having lost her career, confidence and self-belief. She felt depressed but realised she would stay stuck unless she changed herself. She made a decision not to be beaten by the accident and pulled herself out of a dark hole.

She studied, read self-help books, and started to learn to dig into her inner strength, potential, and power. She embarked on a career in the corporate world and was successful, but felt unfulfilled. She says, "I lacked direction, I self-sabotaged relationships, and never felt quite good enough. I started to slip back into depression." Nevertheless, she continued to do research and became fascinated by the possibilities of rewiring and reprogramming the brain.
Things came into alignment when she met an NLP coach and trainer. Discovering NLP changed her world. Thanks to the trainer and NLP, Burgette had a personal breakthrough and realised helping others though NLP was her calling. She adds, "I started to understand that everything I had gone through was necessary to get where I am today - inspiring, encouraging, helping and empowering others is what I always wanted to do." She studied to become a certified NLP coach and trainer. This was costly, but worth every cent she says.

Burgette says every person she coaches inspires her because they have decided to take action and make positive changes. Her mom, who had Burgette when she was just 17, was her first inspiration. She says the beautiful thing about her mom is her amazing tenacity and strength to find joy and positivity in any situation.

Self- Belief Is Key

According to Burgette, women don't need a different approach to business to men. She believes it just comes down to the individual's self-belief; it does not matter what age or gender you are. When you believe in yourself, you can tap into your potential, take big actions and create big results. Then results lead to more self-belief and more results.

Burgette says that she is very happy with what she has accomplished and where she is. She says we can measure success by the amount of joy we get every day. She has so much joy in her life she sometimes thinks she needs to pinch herself. She is very grateful for her amazing husband and other people that support her. "We cause good and bad things in our lives. There is a principle that there is no failure in life, only feedback on how to do things better next time. It is about learning, growing, and doing it better. If you think about how much there is to be grateful for, you can experience joy every day and do amazing things."

The growth of her business has been a blessing, and she is excited about what she will still accomplish and where the business will go into the future. She would like to do more work in schools, instilling better thinking and more empowering thoughts in young people.

Burgette remarks that life and work balance comes easy for her. Quality time with her husband, friends and family is important, but she also makes time for herself. She does modern dancing, plays the guitar, and makes sure she finds joy in whatever she does. She says it feels wonderful to do her work. After working and seeing people grow and transform, she feels energised as her work is an extension of who she is.

The advice Burgette would give her younger self is simply to believe in herself. She says there are no unresourceful people, only unresourceful states of mind. She says she used to be a people pleaser, and she would tell her younger self to open her eyes to who she really is.

Burgette says her journey was phenomenal, but she'd do it all over again. It enabled her to do what she loves, "transforming lives and making a positive impact on the world".

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