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Laiela Paruk Dorasamy

Laiela Paruk Dorasamy

LAIELA PARUK DORASAMY is the owner of Ahavah Consulting, a Level 1 B-BBEE company which was established in May 2018. The core focus of Ahavah Consulting is to supply companies with items that require a personal touch. This includes branded stationery, bespoke gifting, promotional giveaways, corporate gifts, conference packs, goody bags, prizes, point of sale, branded corporate and promotional attire.

"Helping my clients to find the most appropriate gift to present to their customers, is what I am most passionate about," she says. "Ahavah is a verb as well as a noun; the Hebrew word means "To give" and "To love". Love is giving. The actual process of giving should develop the connection between the giver and the receiver." This intentional act of doing is central to the way that Laiela runs her business and she will always go the extra mile to ensure that her clients are happy.

She has had 15 years of experience in the public relations and marketing sector, specifically in event management, project management and below the line marketing campaigns which include: in store activations, trade shows, school activations and brand ambassador programmes. Laiela has a keen insight and a vast network of suppliers, enabling her to offer astute service, tailored to your specific needs. She says that she is dedicated to getting the job done, in excellence, on time and within budget!

All things work together

Laiela says that everything that she has done in life and everything that she has learnt, including all the people that she has encountered, both positive and negative, all contribute to where she is today. As a committed Christian, Laiela believes strongly in Romans 8:28, that, "All things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose." She added, "Hard work and prayer to me are the ultimate combination for success."
In reflecting on her personal journey, Laiela said that her father had owned a jewellery and gift store in Newcastle, where she grew up. "I worked alongside him from a very early age, where I gained many valuable lessons, amongst them, customer relationships, consistency and discipline."

Laiela says that she is someone who finds inspiration all around her every day. "Since the inception of my business, I have really drawn inspiration from the amazing women I have had the privilege to meet, mostly through networking. Their stories and journeys are really inspiring and have really kept me motivated and encouraged, not because they are strong women, but because they are real women, with all their challenges, hurdles and different backgrounds, all holding each other up, like mighty Sequoia trees."

In addition, she says that Pastor Vernon Jacob, who leads The Embassy Church, where she is a member, also inspires her with his relevant and encouraging messages that he shares with the congregation including teachings on process, transition and dis-couragement, all of which are effective in helping her navigate through life on a daily basis. Laiela explains further, "He is a man of excellence and embodies love, two qualities that I believe every human should aspire to."

The Best Person for the Job

In responding to the question of whether she feels women have to have a different approach to business than men to get to be successful, Laiela says that she does not like to differentiate between men and women in terms of roles or abilities. She commented, "Generally when it comes to doing anything, to me it's about the best person for the job, irrespective of race, gender, culture or any other stereotype we tend to impose."

"I believe that if you love what you do, if you give it your best, and are willing to learn and work hard, then you are unlikely to fail." Laiela is happy with what she has accomplished so far but has an ambition to see Ahavah Consulting grow further. "To be where I am after a relatively short period of time, is more than I could have hoped or imagined, that said, there is always so much more that can be achieved.

I would love to see my business grow, to employ and empower people and make an impact on their future as well as their future generations. If we all set out to change a few lives, we can contribute to a significant overall change, without waiting for someone else to do something."

Achieving a work-life balance

As Laiela's husband runs a safety and corporate wear company, which complements her offering in many ways, they get to work together often and even share office space. This synergy, says Laiela, does help immensely with work-life balance as their children are their combined priority. "Our children are very passionate about helping us in our businesses, they love packing goody bags and tying bows and ribbons, anything they can assist us with in fact. My family is core to all that I am and all that I do and will always remain my priority."

If Laiela could have given advice to her younger self, she would have said let her be who she is and has always been. "Let her be a dreamer who always wore her heart on her sleeve, the eternal optimist, always looking for the best in others and believing that life is about seizing every opportunity and living it to the fullest."

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