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A KZN Top Business Guru is a person that can be defined as 'a person with influential ideas or theories about business'.

There are no professional qualifications that entilte business guru. Anyone can become a business guru by making impact in a particular industry.

It's also possible to claim to be a business guru at any time. It's not a title. The lists of people who have been accepted as business gurus have constantly changed over time.

However, there are some people who have been accepted by a great majority as a business guru and also organisations which, the KZN Top Business team have created their own lists of gurus.

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Grant Adlam

Now can you imagine the power of the KZN Masterclass
We linked this back to been a KZN Top Business Gurus, to been a specialist.
Now make use of KZN Top Business Press room
The content
The webinar
The YouTube
The blog
The articles
The network of our Business Community

Set up an appointment and let's expanded on the KZN Masterclass and it and how ultimately how this all links back to dynamics of the KZN Top Business & Leaders Portfolio

Grant Adlam
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