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KZN Top Business


Marlene Powell

Business and Executive Coaching Company

Marlene Powell is making a difference in people’s businesses and in their personal lives. Thirteen years ago, she left her comfortable but strong role in the financial sector of the corporate world. This move allowed her to embark on a journey that has seen her turn people’s businesses around – achieving between 46% to in excess of 1000% growth.

Monique Labat

B2B Market Linkages Specialist

Monique Labat consults to local and international clients on market linkages and Business 2 Business opportunities, co-ordinates detailed programmes and itineraries for international trade, investment and inward buying delegations and compiles market intelligence reports for multiple industry sectors.

Grant Adlam

Marketing & Networking

Grant Adlam has had over 35 years in the communication sector. Much of this time has been involved in promoting the businesses, brands and people of the province of KwaZulu-Natal. He is the CEO of KZN Top Business and the driving force behind KZN Top business Portfolio, KZN leaders, KZN Brand DNA, KZN Women in Business and KZN Business Sense.

David White

PEO (Professional Employer Organisation)

David White who is the CEO of DRG Outsourcing has long been inspired by the dynamic nature of working with people. He says, “I dedicate my time to ensuring that I clearly articulate the purpose and desired outcomes each business wishes to achieve.”

Johan van Deventer

HR Consulting, Labor and Employment Law, and Payroll Services

Johan van Deventer is a dynamic and dedicated individual with broad-based human resources knowledge and management skills. He is able to apply knowledge of organisational systems, structures, policies and procedures to achieve results.
Johan is a firm believer of business development and professional relationships.

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