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Custom Group – Facial recognition technology – The future of access control

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

The digital world has moved drastically from being a small extension of our daily lives to being the central hub upon which most people and companies now build their lives. The security of the myriad of different systems we all utilise on a daily basis from social media and banking to CRM and HR management systems has become of utmost importance.

The days of using ‘password 123’ as your go to or merely referencing your favourite dog’s name are long gone as hackers grow ever-more savvy and our lives become much more digitally entrenched.

Biometric logins have become standard for most phone users, either using built in fingerprint sensors on their phones or hand scanner to access their estates, but most corporate systems still lag behind with outdated and cumbersome password logins being the norm. Facial recognition has traditionally been reserved for companies installing expensive cameras or vaults as in a James Bond film.

Commercial facial recognition projects have been hampered by ethical issues, not least of all, the huge disparity between the accuracy of the systems when used by Caucasian users vs users with darker skin tones and less ‘European’ features.

The Custom Group has seen a growing need for a large-scale time management solution for companies to be able to digitally monitor their staff’s time and attendance as well as access control and timesheets without having a cumbersome clock-in and clock-out system. Time Manager utilises state-of-the-art facial recognition technology without the need for high end camera software. By using even rudimentary rear-facing cell phone cameras users can clock in and out. The user’s location data is coupled with their facial login, allowing managers to accurately monitor who is on site at any given time, as well as generate timesheets with ease and confidence.

Companies can also use Time Manager to manage access control on site. User management is simple and providing guest access is straightforward and secure. The system can integrate seamlessly with existing access management turnstile and boom gate systems without requiring massive financial investment into high-end hardware.

The machine learning technology upon which the facial recognition system is built has been specifically developed using different ethnicities, making this one of the most accurate facial recognition systems available in an African environment. Whether a company is wanting to monitor their remote workers, see when a mobile crew has clocked into a job, or even just record attendance for their local workforce, Time Manager gives users a scalable and no-nonsense solution.

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