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Do you know your customer? SearchWorks

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

SearchWorks is one of the largest data aggregators in South Africa. An online platform that allows users to conduct live, accurate searches on individuals and companies, and in-depth Know Your Customer (KYC) checks online. SearchWorks boasts over 15 years of experience in the data industry, where the company has emerged as a clear leader in the sector.

Developed using the latest web technology, SearchWorks delivers results to clients in a matter of seconds. With no contractual obligation or monthly surprises, a pay-per-click model is in place for all users, as well as free registration on sign-up, ensuring that customers are not tied into unnecessary agreements.

Using years of feedback and support queries along with the latest UI Standards, the SearchWorks team has meticulously crafted a web interface that is easy to use, and most importantly, provides users with clean and up-to-date data. Sourced through over twenty suppliers, SearchWorks prides itself on choosing only the best and most reliable sources when it comes to data partnerships.

Identity Verification

SearchWorks makes the process of identity verification less laborious, faster, and more efficient giving companies in the process of onboarding new clients, instant access to verified identities, updated contact details and account verifications, all within the confines of the law.

In addition, the platform allows the user to access all five credit bureaus in South Africa in one place, with the ability to confirm the identity of an individual, their address, financial status and more. SearchWorks then combines the findings, giving a view of an individual or company from various sources, in a single report.

SearchWorks also offers business the ability to perform detailed Politically Exposed Person (PEP) and Sanctions checks when onboarding new customers, as well as during the ongoing review of clients, to ensure that its reputation, revenue and capital are well protected. Keeping the tainted funds of corrupt individuals and businesses out of the legitimate financial system is a vital outcome of effective KYC procedures. These checks help to lower the risk of your business being used as a vehicle for criminal activities.

Fighting Fraud

Nearly 70 percent of organisations globally report that their most serious fraud incidents come via external attack, in the form or hackers or organised crime syndicates, according to PwC’s latest survey. Not only can this type of fraud lead to huge financial loss, but also a ruined reputation, which can ultimately lead to the downfall of a business.

Now more than ever organisations need to have systems in place to reduce the risk of falling victim to these financial crimes. Businesses have the power to fight fraud by ensuring consistent KYC procedures are in place during onboarding. With SearchWorks, this process can be done quickly and accurately, without disrupting customer journeys.

A Wide Range of Users

SearchWorks offers property related searches, credit related searches, individual validation checks such as qualification checks and criminal checks, and also has access to company information and vehicle information, all of which supply and support a wide range of users, across various industries including: accountants, auditors, attorneys, auctioneers, bond originators, bureaus, car dealerships, credit providers, debt collectors, estate agents, financial institutions, government, insurance companies, municipalities, property development, schools and tracing agents, among others.

This is made possible through our cloud technology, greatly increasing the reliability and uptime of our application and reducing unnecessary interruptions.

The SearchWorks management team collectively brings 75 years of combined experience to the table. This long-standing team understands everything there is to know about the data industry – it’s what makes the team tick.

Together, this formidable team, paired with their passion and belief in their business is what makes SearchWorks the success that it is today.

T: 0860340000


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