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Employee Wellbeing – The winner is MCS DEBT RECOVERY

This award is for businesses that go the extra mile to engage their staff members and the difference this makes to the business. This may be through in-house training, flexible working, personal development, workplace wellbeing activity and teambuilding.

The winner is: MCS DEBT RECOVERY

MCS Debt Recovery’s success has been based on treating its staff as assets, consequently the company has a highly productive workforce. Motivating staff in the call centre environment is of prime concern and MCS Debt Recovery retains staff by offering good incentives and delivers on what is promised.

On winning the award, Saskia Hill, chief executive officer at MCS Debt Recovery said, ‘Thank you so much for this amazing award. We are super excited. The biggest thanks has to go to our staff who made this possible, we are so grateful.”

The finalists are:

  1. Imperial Armour

  2. Capitol Caterers

  3. Toyota South Africa Motors


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