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Get cashback on fuel spend with BTCorp

The year 2021 is set to be tough on budgets with many increases in daily living costs proposed. The sharp increases in the prices of petrol, diesel and paraffin in February and March 2021 are still having an impact with many industries having to pass these additional charges onto their clients in the form of fuel levies.

In May, petrol is expected to increase by six cents a litre, while diesel and illuminating paraffin costs are expected to drop. This decrease will provide some relief but will not lower the price paid significantly.

Through BT CORP’s prepaid offer, you can obtain a minimum cashback of 70 cents per litre of diesel purchased. Once your vehicle is registered on the programme your benefits are determined by the amount of fuel (diesel) dispensed into your vehicle/s.

The difference between the pricing (zone-specific) and the displayed pump price will be reimbursed. The fuel must be purchased at participating service stations, which are located around the country.

BT CORP uses BP Windscreen Tag technology which eliminates credit risks. Details like driver details and odometer reading are captured for every purchase, so you can stop chasing down fuel receipts from your vehicles’ drivers.

This product is specifically targeted at small, medium and micro businesses. As a business owner you are able to manage your business’s fleet vehicles by monitoring and controlling employee spending. Ultimately, you would be able to easily account for every transaction, and drivers can plan every trip’s route efficiently and profitably.

How do you obtain the cashback?

2. Fill in your business details and your taxi’s details and create an account.

3. After you have completed this quick approval process and deposited some funds, you select a location to pick up your disc from the list provided.

4. Place the disc on your taxi’s windscreen and you are good to go.

The cash back accumulated each month is credited to your account.

For more information contact:

Tracy Engelbrecht E:


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