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Get moving and take action

The quote on the front page of this edition of Business Sense is from Albert Einstein, Nobel Prize Winner & Professor of Theoretical Physics who said, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving,” which very much encapsulates the need for action in our lives.

This need is well expressed by ActionCOACH Marlene Powell who appears on the front cover. As an accomplished business coach, Marlene is committed to making a difference in people’s businesses and in their personal lives. She emphasizes, “Significantly, success revolves around the word action. We literally took a pact to take action and help our clients to do the same.” See page three.

For an added bonus in Marlene’s regular column, she asks, “How in love are you with your business?” Marlene challenges business owners to reignite the passion they have for their businesses by setting some SMART goals for the year ahead to put into action. See page five.

KZN Top Business is steaming into 2022 and has a number of initiatives underway. KZN Top Business is committed to positively impact on businesses and customers in KwaZulu-Natal and beyond through growing a network of inspired, motivated, and enterprising individuals and organisations.

Both the popular Standard Bank Top Business Awards and the Standard Bank Top Business Women initiative will take place this year. Read more page nine.

A new initiative to be introduced by KZN Top Business is a series of masterclasses aimed at senior executives. The first in the series is a webinar on corporate governance, which will be facilitated by Cathie Lewis who has much experience in the corporate space. See page five for more information and to register.

Monique Labat specialises in Business 2 Business (B2B) relationships, and she says, “Like anything in life or in business, you have to put in the time and resources. By taking action and putting in the work to scale, the results will start showing.” Read page four.

Johan van Deventer, Regional Manager, LabourNet asks “Is your payroll making business sense?” He addresses the importance of managing all your employee information efficiently, cost-effectively, centralised from anywhere at any given time with minimal risk. See page seven.

Zosukuma Kunene, Head of Marketing, Clever Cloud reflects on the need for more efficient use of time in the article, “Productivity isn’t lost, it’s wasted”. His company has a solution to manage the vast number of software applications, documents and websites that we need to access on a daily basis. See page six.

On the back page, David White’s article stresses the importance of building business solutions through creating business ecosystems for South African entrepreneurs and business leaders. Success in business requires skill, experience, access to resources and networks, and commanding leadership practices to help access and sustain opportunities within the economy.

For those people who wish to do more than just ride a bicycle, enter a TinMan triathlon (see page ten) and for those already planning an escape from action you can enjoy an indulgent getaway to the KZN south coast! (See page thirteen).

We all know that brushing twice a day and flossing regularly is necessary to keep your teeth healthy but there are other good habits you can learn to improve oral health. Dr Fareed Amod of Crown Dental Studio has some advice. See page fourteen.

For those people who need more insights in how to take more action, Cindy Norcott is giving

away copies of her new book, “How does she do it to?” to five lucky Business Sense readers. See page six for details.

Don’t forget to scan the QR codes to access the videos relating to the articles where indicated.

To conclude with another quote “Dreams don’t work unless you take action. The surest way to make your dreams come true is to live them.” - Roy T. Bennett (author and thought leader).


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