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Grant Adlam - Network with the who’s who of KZN business

KZN Top Business understands that marketing is the driving force of any business. As such we pride ourselves on being an innovative content marketing company motivated by the desire to keep learning about people, about companies, and about what styles of communication work. We are committed to positively impact on businesses and customers in KwaZulu-Natal and beyond through growing a network of inspired, motivated, and enterprising individuals and organisations. Our aim is to help to promote sustainable businesses that move people and communities forward for the benefit of all.

The last two years have provoked much change in the way we live and work and in some cases there is no way of returning to the way things were. Many businesses have had to adapt to meet the need for change and offer new services, products, and ways of being to remain relevant.

Significantly, the fastest growing, most profitable firms make their capabilities both visible and tangible to their target audiences.

KZN Top Business helps to connect businesses and customers in relevant and profitable ways. We create and distribute pertinent information about businesses through a range of channels: print, digital, social, video, mobile etc. We assist in driving the visibility of brands, including growing relationships and improving client retention through targeted campaigns.

In line with our goals of promoting business in KwaZulu-Natal we are proud to host two major events annually – the Standard Bank KwaZulu-Natal Top Business Awards and the Standard Bank KwaZulu-Natal Top Business Women initiative.

KwaZulu-Natal Top Business Portfolio

Our flagship initiative is the KwaZulu-Natal Top Business Portfolio, which has been published annually since 1998. The Portfolio’s ongoing success has been achieved through the ability to constantly adapt to change and to use of a variety of communication methods. These include our newly developed multimedia website which is well optimised on a variety of search engines, an A5 hard copy handbook as well as a digital version, social media tools and a growing series of videos.

Any business or organisation needs to ensure that their company’s competitive advantage is promoted to ensure a constant influx of clients. The overuse of electronic and social media platforms can create fatigue so currently a more balance response to communication is critical.

Print is not dead and hard copy resources such as the KwaZulu-Natal Top Business Portfolio allow readers to easily obtain a snapshot of the achievements of successful businesses and organisations within KZN.

Video is the latest feature used to market our clients’ business offerings. Through the videos hosted on our KZN Top Business YouTube channel we provide insights into some of the successful businesspeople and organisations that drive the economy of the province.

Video marketing promotes services, educates clients, and helps to tap into new markets. As well as more brands utilising videos, consumers are now watching more online videos than before. The fast-expanding audience is fuelling rapid growth in demand from advertisers, making online video the fastest growing digital channel by advertising expenditure.

Business Gurus

In analysing the successful companies profiled in the KZN Top Business Portfolio, there is a common thread running through each of their achievements and that is effective leadership. The KZN Leaders Portfolio was initiated with the desire to get to know more about these leaders of business – the gurus. In addition, many of the business gurus featured are specialists in their particular fields such as international trade, human resources, law, business governance etc.

Businesses often reach a point when they need these specialist services to further their own business growth and development. Consequently, we have created a platform which enables businesspeople to access these gurus’ skills and knowledge.

Visit to book a session

A new venture this year will be the online hosting of a series of masterclasses wherein some of these gurus will be addressing different business topics.

KZN Top Business Awards

The popular Standard Bank KwaZulu-Natal Top Business Awards are now in their sixteenth year of existence. As business plays a crucial role in the growth of Africa, Standard Bank has been the proud sponsor of this event for several years.

The Standard Bank KwaZulu-Natal Top Business Awards recognise companies and organisations that integrate responsible business practice into their operations, resulting in a positive impact on the economy, community, and workplace, creating a better life for all in KZN. In 2021 the award categories were changed to recognise the ways in which businesses have risen to the challenges and embraced the opportunities presented by Covid-19.

Traditionally the Standard Bank KZN Top Business Awards culminated in an in-person gala dinner. Due to the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19 regulations in 2021, an in-person event wasn’t possible. However, to recognise the efforts of the business community through the pandemic, the highly successful 2021 awards evening was a hybrid event.

The Standard Bank KZN Top Business Awards 2022 will again be a hybrid event, which will held on the 8 June at the Capital Zimbali Hotel. Entries will open on the 1 March 2022.

KZN Top Business Women

The Standard Bank KZN Top Business Women initiative is an opportunity to raise the profile of the industrious and enterprising business women in KwaZulu-Natal. Our vision is that the initiative will empower and inspire other women to achieve more in their own endeavours. This goal ranges from discovering the confidence to become a voice of change, to getting access to appropriate markets or finance, and to networking with other women.

The Standard Bank KZN Top Business Women 2021 initiative culminated in a glamorous hybrid event that celebrated the achievements of thirty women in KwaZulu-Natal who were nominated for their achievements by employers, employees, clients, or other stakeholders. At the function, six of the women were recognised further and asked to share aspects of their journeys as well as some of their insights on stage. The interviews were a highlight of the evening and were received with much appreciation from the audience.

The Standard Bank KZN Top Business Women hybrid event will take place at the Capital Zimbali Hotel on 16 November 2022.

For more information contact Grant Adlam

C: +27 (0)83 262 9529


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