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James Hendry - Win a copy of Return to the Wild

Looking for an entertaining book to read while on holiday or a gift for a wildlife lover?

Apart from being an entertaining author, James Hendry is a wildlife safari guide, a wildlife TV presenter, a musician and a speaker.

Following on from his best-selling novels, A Year in the Wild and Back to the Bush, Hendry returns to the setting of Sasekile Private Game Reserve for another tale. The reader is taken behind the scenes of the game reserve with the MacNaughton brothers, Angus and Hugh.

Angus unexpectedly returns to Sasekile to take on the training of a motley group of would-be game rangers with his usual stark but eloquent honesty. Alongside him, Hugh manages the lodge and its colourful staff as events lurch from mishap to potential catastrophe. There is high drama, much hilarity and many close encounters with wildlife, fire and human incompetence.

Whether you are a fan of the MacNaughtons’ previous misadventures or a reader new to their story, Return to the Wild is an amusing, engaging and heartfelt read. I did not wish the book to end and turned the last page expecting more to follow.

Hendry is also the author of the Reggie and Me, which was jointly awarded the 2021 Humanities and Social Sciences Award for Best Fiction Single Authored Volume. He co -authoured – Whatever you do don’t run. One lucky Business Sense reader will win a signed copy of James Hendry’s Return to the Wild.

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James Hendry - Win a copy of Return to the Wild


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