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Joudalle Govender - Co-founder and CEO of Argento Trading 117cc

Joudalle Govender is the co-founder and CEO of Argento Trading 117cc. She manages a factory of 70 employees, predominantly female in the rural area of Isithebe. Joudalle is fuelled by an unyielding passion for social impact and women empowerment.

At Argento the ladies lead from the front, defying stereotypes and breaking barriers along the way Argento has opened a training school, which has 18 teenagers developing their skills. Joudalle hopes to create a legacy that paves the way for the next generation of strong female entrepreneurs.

The twelve women featured on this page are the first of those that are being recognised in this year’s KZN Top Business Women powered by DRG, BusinessFit and Mangwanani African Spa initiative. We look forward to introducing the remainder of our 2023 participants in the October edition of Business Sense.


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