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Minara Chamber of Commerce Unveils Fresh New Brand Identity for 2023

Minara Chamber of Commerce new logo

Revitalising tradition

The Minara Chamber of Commerce, a leading business organisation dedicated to promoting economic growth and development globally, has unveiled its new branding and look. The new branding is part of the Chamber’s ongoing efforts to chart a new course in its journey to grow the organisation across the African continent and globally. After its founding in 2000, the board is thrilled to proceed with a new vision for 2023 and beyond.

The Minara Chamber of Commerce has been promoting business development and economic growth in the region for over two decades. The organisation has helped many businesses succeed through its various programmes, including training, mentoring, and networking opportunities.

As part of its growth strategy, the Chamber has embarked on a rebranding initiative to refresh its image and identity, with a new logo, upcoming website, and other communication materials. The new branding reflects the Chamber’s values of innovation, collaboration, and diversity, and its commitment to fostering economic growth and development in South African and beyond.

The new logo incorporates the Chamber’s name in bold, modern font, with a strong and iconic design that represents the diversity of the Chamber’s membership and the strength of its values. The new website will feature a modern, responsive design that is easy to navigate and showcases the Chamber’s various programmes and services, including providing a comprehensive range of value-added services for members.

“The Minara Chamber of Commerce is excited to unveil our new branding and look,” said Solly Suleman, President of the Minara Chamber of Commerce. “Our new branding is part of our ongoing efforts to modernise and refresh our image, and to position ourselves as a leading business organisation in South Africa and beyond. We believe that our new look and feel reflects our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and diversity, and we look forward to continuing to serve our members and promote economic growth and development in the region.”

The Chamber’s rebranding initiative comes as it prepares for its annual Gala Dinner and Awards ceremony, which will take place on Friday, 27 October 2023 in Durban. The Gala Dinner and Awards ceremony is an important event in the Chamber’s calendar, celebrating the achievements of its members and recognising the contributions of businesses and individuals to economic growth and development in the region.

This year’s Gala Dinner and Awards ceremony promises to be even more exciting with the new branding and look of the Chamber. The event will feature a keynote speaker, Awards ceremony, and a three-course meal.

The Minara Business Awards 2023 is now open for nominations in the following categories:

· Business Entity of the Year

· Businessperson of the Year

· Businesswoman of the Year

· Young Entrepreneur of the Year

· Professional Achiever of the Year

· Community Builder of the Year

“We invite all our members, partners, and stakeholders to join us at the Gala Dinner and Awards ceremony,” said Suleman. “This year’s event promises to be an exciting and memorable occasion, and we look forward to celebrating the achievements of our members and the contributions of businesses and individuals to economic growth and development in the region.”

For more information about the Minara Chamber of Commerce and its various programmes and services, please visit the Chamber’s website at The new website is coming soon.

Amina Haniff, Lead Administrator: Minara Chamber of Commerce

T: +27 (0)31 208 1898


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