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"Who are the Top Business Leaders contributing to the KZN Economy?"

Updated: May 15

Today, I had coffee with a very successful and prominent businessman who has been a mentor to me over the years. His credible influence has significantly shaped my business journey. I proposed that he be featured in the KZN Top Business Leaders for his contributions to the KZN economy.

To my surprise, he seemed unaware of the significant role he has played not only in my business's development but also in the growth of many local businesses, ultimately impacting the success of various projects in the province.

After a heartfelt conversation, he agreed to share his incredible business journey with us. You will indeed read about this particular individual in the KZN Top Business Leaders publication, view it on YouTube, and read it on our blogs.

If you know a leader who has made and continues to make contributions to the KZN economy, please click on the nominate button to nominate them.

Let's document their journey so that we in business, as well as our families and friends, can celebrate the success of our leaders together.

I'll see you online.

Kind regards


Grant Adlam

PS, I will reveal who the mystery business leader is at the launch event, as well as in the publication and on this blog..

"Who Would You Nominate for Recognition?"




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