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"Who Would You Nominate for Recognition?" ....KZN Top Business Leaders' Portfolio....

KZN Top Business prides itself on sharing successes and good news.


Over the years companies come and go. However, there are some that have much impact and leave legacies.

Without any doubt, leadership is the secret to their success. Having a great leader at the helm of a company is something that all investors, consumers, and employees want.


KwaZulu-Natal is full of leaders who require recognition for what they have and will achieve.

As such we will be publishing a KZN Top Business Leaders' Portfolio featuring the current leaders of KZN and their ongoing contributions to the economy of the province.

We will be producing an old-fashioned hard-covered & stitched in traditional bookbinding Smyth-sewn style, coffee table book, which will be an absolute classic with historical value. A must have publication.


The profiles will also be uploaded to our website and shared on social media.

 If you would like to you believe is worthy of recognition please nominate online or contact Grant Adlam on



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