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“Marketing is the driving force of business.  Marketing moves the business forwards, shapes the future, engages the customer and aligns the organisation to deliver. It is the growth engine, the innovation catalyst and customer champion. Markets are changing at incredible speed, requiring new agility and new capability.” (Peter Fisk- global thought leader – author, futurist, speaker )

KZN Top Business is an innovative content marketing company  driven by the desire  to keep learning, about people, about companies, and about what styles of communication work to promote business opportunities  that drive businesses and communities forward.  We are committed to positively impact on business in KwaZulu-Natal and beyond through growing a network of inspired, motivated and enterprising individuals and organisations with a vision to strive sustainable  business success for the benefit of all.

The last two years have provoked much change in the way we live and work  and in some cases there is no way of returning to the way things were.  Many businesses have had to adapt to meet the need for change and offer new services and ways of being to remain relevant. Significantly, the fastest growing, most profitable firms make their capabilities visible — and tangible — to their target audiences.

How and why are entities listed on the KZN Top Business Website?

The list consists of successful companies that are headquartered or have an office in KwaZulu- Natal and are making a sustained and positive contribution to the KZN economy.

In accordance with the King IV report, they subscribe to the four governance outcomes which are 

1.       An ethical culture – The entity is seen as a responsible business contributing to society as a whole – people, community, and environment.

2.       Good performance and value creation – A focus on profitability as well as sustained employee wellbeing and the creation of customer and stakeholder value

3.       Effective control and trust– Effective management and leadership is apparent along with the transfer knowledge and skills

4.       Good reputation and legitimacy – Good internal and external communication and the distinct brand value of products/ services

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Professional Business Linkages and Services

Many businesses and organisations have  subject matter experts in areas of industry that they understand thoroughly. Often such specialisation forms the basis of a competitive advantage and ensures that clients have access to best possible services or products.

Through our extensive networks KZN Top Business facilitates business introductions between individuals and organisations.


We are offering opportunities to network with experts in their fields

KZN Top Business Library

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