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B-Active Events is the name behind many popular sporting events across South Africa and this event management company is a formidable player in the public sports industry in South Africa



Meeting the business leader

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Damian Bradley

Perseverance, Focused and Consistent

B-Active Events is the name behind many popular sporting events across South Africa and this event management company is a formidable player in the public sports industry in South Africa.

From relatively modest beginnings, the company has grown dramatically. Founded in 2004 by Damian Bradley, the first B-Active event was the 2005 Belgotex Cycle Race in Pietermaritzburg.

B-Active Events now owns and manages several national public sporting events, including the Ultra Tri Series, the TinMan Series, Umngazi Pondo Pedal & Run Stage Race, and the Quest South Africa Series. They also own and manage a few regional expos which attract retailers and customers from around South Africa. B-Active works with major corporate sponsors and local municipal departments to stage these events and expos.

The company has been actively involved in almost every major public sporting event in South Africa, with an enviable list of premier sporting events across a wide range of sporting codes, where they manage sponsorship contracts and logistics for specific areas of the events.

These include:
• Tour Durban Cycle Race
• Ironman 70.3
• 94.7 Cycle Challenge
• Cape Town Cycle Tour
• 5FM Energade Tri-Series
• East Coast Radio/Discovery Big Walk
• Amashova Cycle Race
• Comrades Marathon
• Spar Ladies Race
• Challenge Cape Town

Professional Approach
The sporting events market is dynamic and constant change and rapid growth offers great opportunities. But it also demands ongoing innovation and product redesign to stay ahead. B-Active believes their success is based on the right mix of tradition and new ideas.

As Damian Bradley points out, “Because our work is fused with our passion, we can’t help but really enjoy what we do. This passion for our industry shows in our attention to detail in planning for each and every event. Being an athlete, I know what competitors look for in an event and what they need pre, during and post events. This insight assists us with our event planning and decisions, to give our competitors what they need and when they need it.”

For B-Active Events, a professional approach to sports management is essential to their success. This drives all facets of the business, from delivering seamless, well-managed events, to valuable brand exposure for sponsors, and even legal compliance, as all sporting events must comply with the new Sports Safety Act.

The development of new events and growth of existing events are key objectives for the business, and demand effective marketing. Growth, however, adds complexity, and first-rate logistical planning and execution are therefore essential to the company’s success. Participant experience is critical to the sustainability of each event – and the growth of B-Active Sports – so a well-run event is not negotiable. This a core competence for B-Active Events, with significant experience across various sporting codes.

Delivering Branding Opportunities
B-Active Events also supports clients with strategic planning for branding opportunities and promotional requirements. The company has grown to including event branding teams and supplying and managing corporate branding materials on behalf of their clients.

Services include:
• Event concept and origination
• Event management
• Event logistics
• Branding management
• Sponsorship activation
• Brand activations
• Online entry systems
• Registration solutions
• Design and supply of branded collateral
• Storage and return of branded items
• Stand design and supply
• Expo activations
• Personalised race support crew

B-Active recently launched the race apparel (and other) brand I AM ACTIVE which is an extension of its passion for events and adds another dimension to the business.

Part of the Community
B-Active Sports has a strong community spirit and aligns with local charities and schools for their events, usually looking to support local school trusts and Rotary charities, but the company has a particular loyalty to CHOC, the Childhood Cancer Foundation, and have supported them frequently over the years.

“We look forward to bringing your brand to life or giving you an outstanding experience at one of our events,” says Bradley.

Full Name of Company: B-Active Events
Nature of Business: Sports Marketing
Services/Products: Event & Sponsorship Management
Date Established: 1/11/2004
Customer Base: General public
Bankers: FNB

To build interesting and beneficial sporting events around South Africa for the public to participate in.

To create exciting and quality events for the public of South Africa.

CEO: Damian Bradley

Physical Address: 8 Sandy Lane, Everton, Kloof, 3640
Tel: +27 (0)67 198 6737

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