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Dolphin Coast Solar Solutions


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We provide quality solar installation services. This company was started with the idea to educate on sustainable energy and the benefits of going Solar



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Isabeau Du Preez

Take Your Energy Into Your Own Hands

About Us
What can you show for the thousands of Rands you spent on electricity last year? Solar energy technology is advancing daily, so get the team that stays up to date with the latest, to help you become independent from Eskom, and put an end to the frustrations of loadshedding in your business or home, in the shortest time possible. We will design the perfect solution to help you become energy independent by unleashing the power of the sun with our solar installation!

Our Mission
All our personnel, design and installation teams comprise of enthusiastic people who share a common goal, of using solar energy for a brighter future for all. We will handle everything from the systems design, engineering, permits and installation. We will design a PV solar system that meets your power needs.

Our professional design team members will visit your home or office to evaluate the space availability of your roof, check for sun exposure and shade potential, roof pitch, obstacles and more.

Why Choose Us
We are committed to promoting energy independence with the installation of solar systems in our communities. We take exceptional pride in all our work from preliminary design through permitting, installation, final inspection. Let Dolphin Coast Solar Solutions put you on a pathway where every cent you invest in your own energy generating system will save you money in the years to come!

Contact Us
Phone Number: 0736155068

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