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eLan Property Group has become a leader in real estate marketing and sales, catalytic development, sales of hospitality investment projects and more recently diversified into other investment opportunities



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Mark Taylor

Identifying Development Opportunities

Founded in 1997 and headed by CEO Mark Taylor, the eLan Property Group has become a leader in real estate marketing and sales, catalytic development, sales of hospitality investment projects and more recently diversified into other investment opportunities. The eLan Property Group is dedicated to developing environmentally sustainable, strategically located and economically viable developments in SA and abroad.

The group has also developed a unique model in its hospitality division; allowing existing hotels to convert their property into sectional title hotels. In doing so, they offer individual investors a return, and existing hotel owners an immediate payback on their capital. This was the model used with the President Hotel in Cape Town and the iconic Riverside Hotel in Durban; southern Africa’s most profitable sectional title hotel (in terms of ROI) and a true eLan success story.

South African property developments are currently in great demand with both local and international investors and home buyers and eLan has facilitated developments in excess of R2 billion, including the fastest selling residential estate in the country, Simbithi Eco Estate in Ballito.

The Group’s focus now shifts to developing the Blythedale Coastal Resort to its maximum capacity and having partnered with the Dube Community in this venture, they are proud to call themselves the Development Company of Blythedale.

The Blythedale Coastal Estate on the north coast of KwaZulu-Natal consists of five dynamic residential estates (Blythedale Golf, Hills, Forest, Ocean and Equestrian) as well as a catalytic hotel.

The Approach
The Group is conceptualising or planning a number of other developments in the residential and hospitality sectors. The approach is one of strategic planning and building relationships with like-minded individuals and organisations. They wish to partner with those who share a passion for investing in the vast hospitality and real estate opportunities that the African continent has to offer. With their extensive and experienced team of professionals in the hospitality, marketing and property development sectors, eLan looks to the future with keen anticipation.

Investor Club
Consistently raising the standards of property developments on the African continent and the Indian Ocean islands, what sets eLan apart is its approach of actively engaging with potential investors through its very own eLan Investor Club. These stakeholders are offered the means to increase their own personal portfolios and create annuity income that provides long-term return of investment.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a home or investment property in one of South Africa’s premier estates, plan a world class event or take your family away on the holiday of a lifetime, the eLan team is waiting to help make it happen.

Shift Africa
Shift Africa, an initiative conceptualised by the eLan Property Group’s, eLan foundation, combines corporate social responsibility with general business sense. The initiative seeks to create jobs and small businesses out of its catalytic Blythedale Coastal Estate development. Working with eLan, Shift Africa can give you the start you dreamed of but more importantly – you get to be part of something bigger, something better, you join the Shift Africa Community.

Shift-Africa represents a fundamental change in which upliftment is viewed in South-Africa. This is a potential solution to “upliftment through ownership”, where small businesses are given the chance to grow and thrive in a system centred on various business hubs. One business hub, for example a residential estate, can be the catalyst for the emergence and sustenance of SMMEs and informal sector businesses in the business hub’s region of operation.

Shift Africa empowers existing and prospective business owners, with the objective of creating as many sustainable small businesses as possible around a catalytic hub. Starting at Blythedale on the north coast, this initiative will provide small businesses with opportunities, training, and connections, in their bid to become autonomous and self-sustainable.

Full Name of Company: eLan Property Group
Nature of Business: Property development, real estate sales & marketing, hospitality management, investment
Date Established: 1997
Customer Base: Commercial & private
Advertising Agency: In-house agency

To become Africa’s leading developer of lifestyle and tourism investment opportunities.

To deliver world-class property development and hospitality investment opportunities that offer their investors security, confidence and return on investment.

CEO: Mark Taylor

Physical Address: Simbithi Country Club, Sagila Lane, Simbithi Eco Estate, Dolphin Coast, 4399
Tel: +27 (0)32 946 3244

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