SanDock Austral Shipyards

Building on the proud reputation gained from being Africa’s leading commercial and naval shipbuilding and ship repair company, Southern African Shipyards is striving to become a globally recognised company

SanDock Austral Shipyards

A Proud Reputation

Building on the proud reputation gained from being Africa’s leading commercial and naval shipbuilding and ship repair company, Southern African Shipyards is striving to become a globally recognised company. In order to achieve this goal and to align with its holding company SanDock Austral (SDA), which specialises in the aerospace, marine and defence industries, Southern African Shipyards is currently in the process of rebranding. The shipyard has been renamed SanDock Austral Shipyards and is the marine wing of the bigger SDA company.

SanDock Austral Shipyards has made major leaps and bounds towards employing the concept of the collaborative economy in the execution of its shipbuilding and ship repair projects. This consolidated effort, the company terms “Team South Africa”, and is integral to the success of the firm’s most recent multi-billion Project Hotel. The recently awarded multi-billion rand contract to build a Hydrographic Survey Vessel (HSV) for the South African Navy represents one of the most complex projects to be undertaken in the African continent in recent years. The vessel will replace the Navy’s SAS Protea, which has been in service for 45 years. SanDock Austral Shipyards was judged the worthy winner of the world-class and sought-after tender, which will further establish the company as a shipbuilder of note.

Consequently work is guaranteed for the SanDock Austral Shipyards workforce and sub-contractors for at least three years which will once again provide a boost to the local economy. Prasheen Maharaj, the chief executive of SanDock Austral Shipyards, says, “We feel very privileged and honoured to be entrusted with such a large, multi-year complex project. It demonstrates a firm confidence in and commitment to South Africa’s technological and industrial expertise.

The shipyard, in its role of “Prime Contractor or a Primary Systems Integrator” partnered on a turnkey risk sharing basis with a number of South African and international companies who are specialists in the areas that make up the complex systems and subsystems that constitutes an HSV.

SanDock Austral Shipyards has recently completed the delivery of nine tugs to Transnet National Ports Authorities (TNPA). This contract was the largest single contract that the parastatal has ever awarded to a South African company for the building of harbour craft.

The 31-long-metre vessels are among the world’s largest and most powerful harbour tugs and are destined for the various South African ports where they will be able to efficiently manoeuvre and safely pull the bigger ships that are now entering South African waters.

The work of SanDock Austral Shipyards has helped to cement the marine ship building and support industry locally and has also ensured that the benefits are spread to local, empowered companies. This contract has been about creating jobs, developing technical skills, training artisans and developing engineers for the wellbeing of future generations.

Another aspect has been training maritime personnel through a grassroots development Marine Incubator Programme. A partnership has been nurtured with the eThekwini Maritime Cluster (EMC) as well as the Department of Environmental Affairs to provide employment for graduates through the organisational spheres and expose them to all aspects of operating a maritime focused company with international reach in a South African context.

SanDock Austral Shipyards has also recognised the growing gap in the market to service the fishing industry and is on a drive to net this business. With the experience of having built such technically advanced ships, and with the aim of becoming a global force to be reckoned with, SanDock Austral Shipyards is hoping to secure the intellectual rights to both mega projects, the plan being to replicate them to the rest of Africa,” said Maharaj.

Maharaj said that, ultimately, the shipbuilding and repairing sector needed to develop new products and services that responded to the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and climate change. “Investment was needed into modern and more efficient production and manufacturing equipment, in new products and services through research, development and innovation, into skills development in order to increase efficiency of labour and into technology platforms in order to reduce dependency on expensive overseas technology,” he concluded.

Full Name of Company: SanDock Austral Shipyards
Industry Sector: Manufacturing
Services/Products: Ship building, ship repair and heavy engineering
Date Established: July 1993
Customer Base: International agents, armed force, local/international ports authority, local/international ship owners and global maritime companies
No. of Employees: 105 permanent staff and over 251 long term contractors
Auditors: D Nundkissore and Associates
Bankers: First National Bank
B-BBEE Status: Level 2

CEO: Prasheen Maharaj
CFO: Akash Singh
Ship Building: Greg Delpaul
Ship Repair: Charles Maher
Chief Commercial Operations Officer: Karl Wiesner
Group HSSE Manager: Thumela Mkhize
Group QAQC Manager: Don Khumalo
Chief Technical Officer: Derek Rabie
GM - Human Resources: Candice Mkasi

Physical Address: 10 Rotterdam Road, Bayhead, Durban, 4001
Postal Address: P.O. Box 17253, Congella, 4013
Tel: +27 (0)31 274 1800 Fax: +27 (0)31 205 1812

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