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KwaZulu-Natal Top Business Portfolio


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About the Course

KZN Top Business Portfolio

The ongoing success of the KZN Top Business Portfolio, which has been published annually since 1998, has been achieved using several communication tools. These include an A5 hard copy handbook as well as a digital version, a comprehensive multimedia website, which is well optimised on a variety of search engines, a range of social media platforms and a growing series of videos on the KZN Top Business YouTube channel.

In summary

The KZN Top Business Portfolio:

• Provides an opportunity to both emphasize your contribution to the economy and to market your products and services through a range of communication platforms

• Has an established community platform for business that represents KwaZulu-Natal

• Reaches a targeted audience of South African companies and organisations at extremely competitive rates

• Highlights news, developments and opportunities through regular e-mails that are sent to an established national database

• Uses a range of social media platforms to share articles and videos including our dedicated YouTube channel (

• Ensures that your brand is kept visible through content search engine optimisation (SEO) services. On-page SEO involves everything that audiences see on the website and the various social media platforms we use. Off-page SEO is driven by the ranking of the various channels and the traffic that is driven to these channels.

You will be talking to ...

Grant Adlam

Grant Adlam
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