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2020 Tinman #2 25 October 2020

After the great news yesterday from TSA and the Government we are very excited for our first post lockdown TinMan race which is coming up on the 25th October.

Entries have been very slow and so we encourage you to please enter and bring some friends to join in the fun. We are talking to the contractor doing the power lines under the cycle circuit and we will have an plan to use the circuit if not completed by race day.

This is the first triathlon event for us and you after 8 months and we need your support and “gees” to make it a race to remember. The new running route and transition layout will be tested out for the first time and although COVID regulations and limits are in place, it’s going to be an exciting day out.

More info and entries are available here: https://www.entryninja.com/events/75862-2020-tinman-2

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