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202Free – Awake the part within yourself that is ok to change - Marlene Powell

In order to make 202Free count business owners are going to have to love a challenge, take charge and care for change to happen in their lives. They need to make valuable things happen and take full responsibility for failure or success. This is easier said than done otherwise every business owner would be choosing this path.

What needs to change for them?

Business owners will have to influence their access to travel, adventure and wealth beyond measure. They need to be craving for more meaning not stuff. They must want to do important things more than acquire gadgets. They will want to keep improving, keep getting creative, and keep their eye on the prize.

They must be prepared to focus on their lifestyle rather than their business, as their business is the vehicle to give them the quality of life they want.

More emotion needs to be triggered to entice a business owner to want to drive their business as their lifestyle demands more from them. They must let the business deliver on their wants and needs.

Many business owners would love to have their business give them the lifestyle they want and deserve. How can they with the demands of the business?

Firstly, they need to give themselves permission that it is ok for the business to serve them rather than the other way around. They need to consider surrounding themselves with other business owners who have achieved what they are aspiring to achieve.

A solution is to become a part of the Community, Accountability, Results, and Education (C.A.R.E.) eco-system for business as they will then be part of a community where they will tap into their wants not their needs. Their environment must make social change desirable, interesting, cool and fun.

Their environment must be conducive to enable them to perform to their full potential and support everything they aspire to do to create the lifestyle they so richly deserve.

The C.A.R.E eco-system for business helps our members identify their wants, we’ll build it for them the way they want it. Emotions win every time. We will help create conditions where they want to take action.

This eco-system will create a remarkable platform that delivers a positive experience and keeps them coming back for more.

What if there are business owners who are already doing well and enjoying the lifestyle they have built?

These business owners still need to have a sense of urgency to maintain their edge and stay on the surfing side of the big wave of change. They are contributory to the C.A.R.E eco-system for business as leaders and their influence to other business owners is valued.

Business owners are more than welcome to set up an initial call with me to find out when our next information session is where they can know more and ask any questions that they feel necessary to give them the confidence to join our C.A.R.E eco-system for business.

Contact me on or call 083 479 4471.



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