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This award is given to a business that incorporates activities that are primary engaged in farming activities. The beneficiation of goods from agricultural, fisheries and forestry based sectors is included.

Underberg Dairy (Pty) Ltd, from a vision and a concept during 2013, was established on 15th January 2014. After a development process, construction began on 7 July 2015 and production on the 3rd March 2016.

A collaboration of 12 farmers formed Berg Dairies who partnered with Roman’s Pizza to produce top quality mozzarella, cheddar and gouda cheeses as well as butter and amazi. This partnership has enabled Underberg Dairy to become one of the top producers of mozzarella in South Africa, recently winning the South African Dairy Championship Qualité award.

Underberg Dairy is possibly the largest employer in the Underberg area with a staff compliment of 230 dedicated employees whose lives they have changed. The dairy has had a massive impact on the social and financial structure of Underberg, contributing directly to the establishment of a local emergency medical service and to buying local as far as possible.

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