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East Coast Radio (ECR) has partnered with business growth specialist Pavlo

Phitidis on a campaign to highlight the vital importance that established businesses hold for KwaZulu-Natal’s growth and prosperity.

Pavlo, together with Aurik’s co-founder, has started, built, and sold 12 businesses in nine years and he continues to drive Aurik’s growth as CEO. Aurik works with established business owners to accelerate revenue growth and build value.

Called The KZN Future50, the weekly radio feature takes the shape of a conversation between Pavlo and hosts Darren Maule and Sky Tshabalala featuring the KwaZulu- Natal business of the week.

Why become a KZN Future50 business?

The intention is to support

the business community, so this comes at no cost (yes, really) to the business featured.

Advantages include:

Exposure to ECR’s 1,3 million listeners at 8.10 am, Tuesday morning peak traffic radio.

Exposure on their website (600 000+ unique users) & Facebook (470k followers)

Get the people of KZN focused on what your business needs to get to its next level.

Be one of only fifty KZN business to watch.

The conversation will be about your business, what it does, why that matters and a call out to the audience to get behind your success and growth.

If your next level growth opportunity is, amongst others, more customers, a funder, a key supplier, a specialist employee, access to information, or a listing with a retailer, Pavlo will extract it from the listeners and bring it home to you.

Companies that have been featured include Serco Industries, Airshot, FutureLife, Joekels Tea Packers, Stealth Kayaks, Ordev and Blinds Syndicate, amongst others.

This opportunity is open to any KZN business to apply, the ECR team will choose who gets

featured. To listen to some featured companies and to apply visit:



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