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Beekman Family Legacy In Good Hands

The contribution of the Beekman family to South African industry was glamorously acknowledged this week at a glitzy award show in Umhlanga, when The Beekman Group was recognised as KwaZulu-Natal’s top Family Business for 2022 at the Standard Bank KwaZulu-Natal Top Business Awards.

The pioneering efforts of John and Bram Beekman, later adopted and spearheaded by their children Neville, Wayne, and Cindy were the standout in a multitude of deserving entries to this category, which Neville and Wayne were on hand to receive.

“This award is a testament to the sacrifices of not only my father and uncle but also their wives Jay and Antoinette as well.” Commented Neville Beekman, Executive Director, Beekman Group. “While founders are rightfully credited for the success of the company they establish, what often goes unacknowledged is the contribution of their extended families and networks of friends, without whose support none of this would be possible.”

Congratulations to the Beekman family, as well as the extended family of employees and partners who have underpinned the family’s success in this sector.


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