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Benita Ardenbaum - A woman extraordinaire

BENITA ARDENBAUM is the founder and director of Benita Ardenbaum Attorneys, which is a family law specialist practice that also does conveyancing. The firm deals with cases that include domestic violence relating to vulnerable people, divorces that are often acrimonious, international cross boarder abduction of children, custody disputes, mediation, maintenance and the firm does some pro bono work.

Benita started her practice in 1999 from a room in her house. She explains, “The reason that I decided to go out on my own was the fact that the legal profession was a male orientated profession, and I was in a firm that did not resonate with my values. I wanted to deal with family law in a unique way by bringing in a more feminine aspect and that is where the heart of law was created. I always say lead with your heart, and it will lead you true. This should not be interpreted as a weakness but rather as a strength. I recognised that I loved people more than I loved the law but that I could use the law as a tool to assist my clients.”

The practice was started with just Benita and her secretary and slowly, over the years, through sheer hard work, determination, drive and showing up daily and consistently she expanded the firm into what it is today. “I have an incredible all women’s firm where we have mastered the art of collaboration and work together as a team to assist our clients to transition and navigate through often traumatic times in their lives,” explained Benita. “My passion is to give a voice to the voiceless.”

Benita Ardenbaum - A woman extraordinaire

Benita has a strong international presence and is a member of the prestigious International Academy of Family Lawyers, whereby the members are recognised by their peers to be the most skilled family law specialists in their country.


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