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Bruce Lennon - A composite and exceptional resource

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Bruce Lennon is one of those unique and special people that we as the KwaZulu-Natal business community have come to regard as exceptional in his line of work. Bruce holds a BA, LLB and LLM (Master of Laws), and has held senior roles in Mediterranean Shipping Company and as a law lecturer at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. His real working passion came about when in 2000 he launched Stimela Consulting (Pty) Ltd and in 2012 joined the BusinessFit team as a director.

Stimela provides B-BBEE administration, transformation, and strategy support services to small, medium, and large companies. BusinessFit provides entrepreneur and SME growth and development services. Bruce also recently launched an organisation called Stimela Marine, which provides support in transport insurance claims here locally and across the whole world.

He says that in the beginning he was intimidated by the vastness of responsibility of setting up and running a small business. But he explained that this experience was in fact to become his strength, as he now has a great understanding of business processes and related administration responsibilities and is able to pass this knowledge onto his clients. Bruce added, "My strengths have been in my dedication to finding workable solutions to meet my customer challenges. I treat each of my clients as if they were the nly one I have. I ensure that I understand their specific needs and requirements, and then set out to help them find a suitable solution."

Consequently, Bruce is one of those people that we go to when we need sound business advice, and when needing clarity of B-BBEE strategy and transformation. He has the knack of making everyone feel important; knows the B-BBEE scorecard, B-BBEE Commission, enterprise categories, black ownership, the sector codes, and the five B-BBEE elements inside out... and is always happy to share his in-depth experience and understandings.

Bruce says that his work in B-BBEE transformation starts with him sharing his understanding of each of the elements and category weightings within the B-BBEE scorecard with his clients. "I am in my happy place when consulting on B-BBEE and entrepreneur development; drawing charts and diagrams and helping people to drive their organisation development and transformation agendas."

"Once people gain a basic understanding of the B-BBEE codes, and begin to see the thought and detail in each of the elements, they are immediately able to see how the scorecard is having a positive influence on upskilling people through training and development and creating opportunities for SMEs in organisation's supply chains," says Bruce. He added that once people understand the structure and intention of the codes, organisational transformation and decision making by company leaders becomes obvious and therefore easier. "A highlight for me is when I see a light go on in a client's mind, and they suddenly become enthused to carry on with their missions," he says.

In addition, Bruce says that working with other professionals of different disciplines is always wonderful for him. "We focus together on helping clients meet organisational objectives. I like learning from other professionals in the market, and also sharing my knowledge and experience." Bruce says that he is inspired by his family to do better, and to extend himself to reach his potential. "They are very encouraging and supportive in my work, recognising that I have to travel a lot, and lso work on client solutions late into the evening and into family time," he concluded.

We are very fortunate to have a composite resource in Bruce, able to assist our needs in both business administration and B-BBEE transformation.

T: +27 31 717 2597



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