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Business Innovation – The winner is MI7 National Group

The introduction of a product, process, or business concept that shows real results.

The finalists are:

· The Holiday Club (Beekman Group)

· Mi7 National Group

· Hannah Grace

· Inzalo Utility Systems

The winner is: Mi7 NATIONAL GROUP

Mi7 National Group prides itself on a public service model based on community duty. When the company initiated its armed response service in March 2021, it had to set itself apart in an already saturated market. By incorporating its public service model with digital innovations in surveillance technology, the concept of a city-wide surveillance net was developed for Pietermaritzburg.

By strategically placing its surveillance systems in various intersections and known access routes, combined with 24-hour monitoring at its state-of[1]the-art NOC (Network Command Centre), the Mi7 National Group have the ability to proactively deploy its assets to fight crime. This fight is to the benefit of the city of Pietermaritzburg at large, whether its occupants are Mi7 clients or not.

The system has resulted in a number of successes. The business’s brand was most positively affected, with residents and businesses noticing the positive impact the system has had in their areas. As a result, their client generation rate increased four-fold from November 2021 to March 2022 when the entire system was up and running.


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