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Local Manufacturing Webinar

Creamer Media will host a thought-provoking webinar on ‘Local Manufacturing ­– Rebuilding South Africa’s industrial base and exports’ on May 10, 2023, at 14:00.

Manufacturing plays a pivotal role in job creation and stimulating economic growth.

The local manufacturing sector has faced various challenges, including an unreliable electricity supply, rising input costs, raw material shortages and logistical constraints, as the world places greater importance on reducing carbon emissions and boosting automation.

While there are manufacturers that continue to survive and thrive in this tough operating environment, it has slowly eaten away at South Africa’s manufacturing activity, as others have struggled to remain competitive.

South African Capital Equipment Export Council CEO Eric Bruggeman will lead a panel of experts – Nedbank national manufacturing manager Amith Singh, Manufacturing Circle director Philippa Rodseth, Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa COO Tafadzwa Chibanguza and Trade & Industrial Policy Strategies senior economist Gaylor Montmasson-Clair – in a discussion about:

  • The factors that have driven the decline in South African manufacturing’s contribution to gross domestic product over the past 20 years;

  • The industries in the South African manufacturing sector that have continued to perform well in recent years;

  • Some of the key policy interventions required to boost South African manufacturing and exports;

  • South African businesses’ response to the persistent electricity, rail and other infrastructure crises hampering economic growth and investment.

This free-to-attend webinar is sponsored by Nedbank, as well as the Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone, SERR Synergy and KEW Foundries.



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