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TWIMS The Future of Manufacturing course is facilitated by Prof Justin Barnes

Updated: Mar 15

Calling all Chamber members, business forums, and manufacturing companies!

Want to gain insights into the forces shaping industry's future?  Then join Prof Justin Barnes in April for the TWIMS Future of Manufacturing Course and qualify for a 50% discount!

Here's how!  If you are a chamber member or part of a business forum or work in the manufacturing sector, you qualify for a 50% discount by sending more than three delegates.

The future of manufacturing is here, fueled by Industrial IoT, smart materials, and more! This course covers the serious business model changes that come from digital platforms and the servicification of manufacturing, while exploring the implications of IOT, Industrial IOT, AI, digital twinning, Augmented Reality, smart materials, Additive Manufacturing and even the metaverse

Masterclass/Executive Short Course enquiries can be directed to


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