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Who is Beekman Holidays?

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Beekman Holidays (previously Anytime Holidays) is part of the Beekman Group, one of South Africa’s largest leading players in the hospitality and tourism industry in South Africa operating in both property development and the leisure market.

In the past 50 plus years, the Beekman Group has grown exponentially. This has been accomplished through the Group’s property developments as well as the ownership and/or management of its holiday resorts, lifestyle products, diversifying its vacation ownership products and vacation exchange companies.

Based at Beekman House, the Group’s head office in Port Shepstone, Beekman Holidays has been operating for 19 years and has arranged self-catering and hotel accommodation for thousands of satisfied clients during this period. Its professional team of consultants are waiting for your call to help make your holiday dreams come true.

Rental Holidays

Beekman Holidays can offer you the perfect family holiday anywhere in SA! From the Cape to Limpopo and KwaZulu-Natal to the Kruger Park.

  • Resort’s Official Direct Agency– Means the best value

  • A Wide Choice of beautiful resorts across southern Africa

  • Unbeatable Last-Minute Deals – You won’t find them anywhere else

  • Family Focused Resorts – Amazing facilities and entertainment

  • Professional Services and Support – For total peace of mind!

  • Best Price Guaranteed – Beekman Holidays is so confident about its rates that if you get a cheaper price from someone else, they will beat it by double the difference

San Martinho Beach Club, Bilene, Mozambique


With a wide variety of resorts across southern Africa, you are sure to find the perfect holiday for you and your loved ones. Click on the resort links below to find out more.

Beekman Holidays has been making holiday memories for more than 19 years and can’t wait to have you experience it as well! For more information, please visit the Beekman Holidays website.


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