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Willowton Group announces more stolen goods recovered and an arrest made

Following an armed robbery that took place at Willowton Group’s off-site warehouses in Kempton Park, Johannesburg last Wednesday (5 October 2022), the organisation has announced that further stolen goods have been recovered and another arrest made.

This time, a pallet of SUNFOIL SUNFLOWER OIL 2l stock was recovered in a foreign-owned superette located in the Vaal Triangle region, which was identified by the stolen good batch codes.

Willowton Group confirmed that one arrest has been made. Through the tireless efforts of their security partners who visited a substantial number of stores over the past weekend within the Vaal triangle area, the stock was discovered. However, the perpetrators involved in the robbery have not been apprehended and so the reward of R100 000 remains to be claimed by anyone with information that leads to the successful apprehension of the perpetrators as well as the recovery of the remaining stolen stock.

During Wednesday’s incident, robbers held up the staff at the facility where they loaded three of their own trucks with substantial quantities of 2L SUNFOIL SUNFLOWER OIL.

A case was opened with the South African Police Service and the reward of R100 000 was shared on social media platforms. Through the tireless efforts of police and security personnel, one of the truckloads of stolen 2L SUNFOIL SUNFLOWER OIL were recovered in Vanderbijlpark last Wednesday night, and a number of suspects were arrested.

Members of the public and traders are requested not to purchase any of the stolen stock which is identified by batch codes, known to the police and security partners who are currently trying to locate all the missing stock.

Anyone with information about the stolen goods is urged to report this to 082 888 7813.

All information will be treated with the strictest confidence.

Distributed for Willowton Group by Shirley Williams Communications

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Tracy Ann
Tracy Ann
11 de out. de 2022

Great platform

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