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PEO (Professional Employer Organisation)

David White

  • 45 min
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Service Description

Professional Employer Organizations Having management done effectively can be a difficult task in the competitive business world. Professional Employer Organizations, or PEOs, help companies of clients. They do so by developing strategies in outsourcing the management of certain business factors such as payroll, workers’ compensation, employee benefits, and human resources. In fact, PEOs keep the clients’ focus in mind to optimize the competitive edge of the business as the client company can now focus on more lucrative endeavors. When it comes to managing complex related matters, businesses need as much help as possible. It may be tedious to allow other fields to progress as businesses may need to keep records consistent and error-free for matters such as health benefits, payroll, workers’ compensation claims, unemployment insurance claims, and payroll tax compliance. With the bulk work needed for the employees to be fully satisfied, a company may sacrifice productivity for compensation. A PEO prevents this from happening and opens up the gateway to other possible management systems. A business will then benefit from the advantage of rerouting their focus on more profitable means in their business. The PEO Advantage You need the benefits a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) can bring to your business to make it soar. We independently work with 50+ leading PEOs in the marketplace. Our PEO Partnerships will act as more than just an addition to your Human Resources department they provide a Client Relations Partners and SHRM certified Human Capital Consultants that provides expert guidance on a host of topics relating to human resources and employee concerns. With our Client Relation Partners, you are assured of a prompt and knowledgeable response to all your human resource questions. Business owners who use PEO services also have full and free access to additional services such as employment verification and background screening, drug testing, recruiting, professional development and continuing education instruction and seminars. With a PEO at your side, you are able to attract and keep the absolute best employees to further the growth of your business.

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71 Underwood Rd, Hatton Estate, Pinetown, South Africa

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