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Business Gurus

In analysing the successful companies profiled in the KZN Top Business Portfolio, there is a common thread running through each of their achievements and that is effective leadership. The KZN Leaders Portfolio was initiated with the desire to get to know more about these leaders of business – the gurus. In addition, many of the business gurus featured are specialists in their particular fields such as international trade, human resources, law, business governance etc.

Businesses often reach a point when they need these specialist services to further their own business growth and development. Consequently, we have created a platform which enables businesspeople to access these gurus’ skills and knowledge

There are no existing qualifications that make someone a KZN Top Business Guru. Most have become a business guru by making impact in a particular industry. It's also possible to claim to be a business guru at any time. It's not a title. The lists of people who have been accepted as KZN Top Business Gurus and have constantly changed over time. However, there are some people who have been accepted by a great majority as a business guru

The Business Chambers have described KZN Top Business Gurus as "overwhelmingly a

“KZN business phenomenon”

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