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KZN Leaders

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30 minutes


KZN Leaders Portfolio is a natural progression from the KZN Top Business Portfolio.

In analysing the successful companies profiled in the KZN Top Business Portfolio, there was a common thread running through each of their achievements and that was effective leadership. The KZN Leaders Portfolio was then initiated with the desire to get to know more about these leaders of business. The overall vision is to network successful people with successful people and ultimately encouraging other people to become successful through these stories.

Each leader has in-depth experience in their particular field of expertise as well as much insight into business management and leadership.

Of significance is that a common thread in their business journeys is the desire to make a difference in the lives of the people their companies’ impact, very often by going far above the norm.

Recognising the growing power of video in quickly grabbing attention, we have filmed a series of the leaders’ interviews for use on our various platforms which have been met with much interest and the video clips watched numerous times.

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