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Preona Naidoo

Preona Naidoo

PREONA NAIDOO is the Brand and Customer Experience Manager for the Supertech Group.

She has worked within the motor industry for just over a decade. Preona was selected as a Top 5 Motor industry Women of the Year 2022 nominee and finalist.

She says, “One of my biggest achievements is using my position and influence to empower and upskill other women within this space.” Some of the other achievements that she has been quite invested in, ever since she joined the Supertech team, are the annual corporate social initiative drives. There are two major projects, one being the Blanket Drive and the second being the Toy Drive, under the umbrella of the Supertech Care’s brand.

Preona explained, “What we do with this initiative, within the areas that Supertech retailers operate, is to identify deserving NPOs, NGOs and local organisations that need support. This enables them to remain sustainable for the work that they do within the community and provide assistance to help them do so.”


Speaking of who inspires her, she says that she is proud to say that the women within her family inspire and continue to inspire her, especially her mom and gran.

Preona said, “For me they embody what the feminine energy should be. They are both nurturers, they are entrepreneurial and at the end of the day, they embody this spirit that allows you to get things done, no matter what.”


Commenting on the challenges that she faces, Preona says that being a female in the motor industry comes with its own set of challenges. “Being a young female in the motor industry is something that I had to contend with for the past decade. In the past, one of the biggest challenges is that when you walk into a room within a leadership position, you are often judged on your age, and your gender.”

“So, you need to be a little louder to get your point across, while still maintaining that softer edge. I am happy to say that the space that I’m now part of, values your productivity and your work output versus your age and your gender, so it is quite a pleasure to be in this space at this time.”


Personally, Preona’s future goal would be to qualify as an NLP Practitioner. Within the work sphere, she hopes to continue to empower and upskill young women and men within her team with the resources and the knowledge for them to pave their own paths.

The advice that Preona would give to young women who are following in her path, regardless of the industry, is the same as the advice that she was lucky enough to have received when she was younger. This she says is to persevere. Preona explained, “In the face of every goal that you are trying to achieve, persevere and be consistent because consistency is what drives results.”

When Preona does have the time and does have a break, she loves to go to the beach. She says, “I’m drawn to the ocean, for its tranquillity – I’m a beach-baby at heart. I love to read and continuously learn and spend time in the creative space.


“What I would like to say in closing,” said Preona, “Is that all women have a voice. Some of us have the opportunity to use our voice to inspire and empower others on larger scales. For some women that don’t have the opportunity, strive to inspire those around you and not lose hope, because what you do is important and does impact your environment for the better. If I could give advice to young women who are starting out in motor industry, don’t forget that there is magic in possibilities.”

“I will leave you with a quote: “Amazing things happen when women help other women.”– Kasia Gospoś.

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