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Youshi Naidoo

Youshi Naidoo

YOUSHI NAIDOO says firstly, “I am a mum although both girls are now legal ‘adults’ – then a wife and homemaker. I am blessed to be surrounded by a loving, caring and supportive family, healthy parents, siblings and loads of friends who are my support structure.”

Youshi heads up the largest portfolio of services at DRG, which is the PEO service. Her work responsibilities include onboarding and communications for their international PEO client base. This involves engaging with their international clients and networks as a total HR service provider.

“We take pride in our responsibility in assisting SME’s and Corporates in the setup of a solid Human Resource platform, ensuring that they are always 100% compliant from our SA labour law perspectives. DRG is 27 years in operation helping organisations create engaged work environments,” commented Youshi.

Her journey at DRG began a few years ago as a HR administrator. A year later from working very closely with her CEO, learning David’s work ethics and methodology, she graduated to PEO Services Manager. “David has helped me develop and fine tune my capabilities and helped me gain confidence enough to engage with high profile clients in and around the globe,” says Youshi.


Sibaya Africa, a subsidiary to DRG, manages the charity projects and community outreach activities. The focus is on aiding under-privileged children, and orphanages. DRG is passionate about giving back to communities and helping the less fortunate, even if it is a simple hot cooked meal, clothing donations, toys, books, helping renovate their humble living spaces etc. The company is first to put up a hand and volunteer services, time, and efforts.

Personally, through Youshi’s local church efforts she is active in feeding schemes, clothing drives and welfare projects such as providing grocery hampers to destitute families. They have about 80 families currently that are supported on a monthly basis. This is only possible through generous donations from their committed local members.

“I like to think that I am making a difference in both business and community through these efforts whilst keeping calm and focussed on outcomes,” says Youshi.


Yoshi has a passion for excellence. “My fellow businesswoman are all inspirations to me. I feel more than motivation when I see women rise into positions of success despite having faced personal setbacks. Listening to their success stories especially from out of impoverished backgrounds, not letting their unfortunate circumstances hold them back, despite their poverty and struggles persevered until they achieved success. Moreover, I have the utmost respect and regard when they stop to give back to uplift and upskill those in the same situation that they ascended from.”


Immediately upon completing her tertiary studies, Youshi was recruited into the corporate sector. She explains, “I completed my final exams in December and started in the financial sector in January. It was very much a male dominated environment back in the days of ‘sir’ and closed-door policies.”

She says that this set a solid foundation for her in terms of structures and ways of working which she is thankful for, but that she could never grow. “There was just no way around prejudices of women in the workplace, especially being Indian, I felt disregarded. One only got ahead if one found favour with your bosses. Through much perseverance and patience, I moved into various other roles in corporate. My life changed completely when I entered DRG.”

“It was different to all I had known and was used to. Suddenly I had endless possibilities and recognition before me. It was thrilling and I was fortunate to have found a positive space that enabled my development and growth. I finally found my niche at DRG.”

In the future Youshi’s goal is to improve herself not only for the sake of personal growth but for the growth of the company. “DRG is a fast-growing organisation. We promote services in 20 countries in Africa and have seen tremendous demand here more recently. My future goal is to ensure our service meets the demands and expectations of an internationally focussed organisation.”


The asset of any business is in its people says Youshi. She added that thankfully many business leaders are recognising this so you should take every opportunity afforded you to upskill, improve and innovate wherever you can. “Push through any doubts, and challenges and find your purpose. Don’t let fear hold you back and you will be amazed at your inner strength and at what you can accomplish. Use your talents and natural abilities to forge ahead and reach your maximum potential. There is nothing more rewarding than discovering your true talents and using them to help serve the needs of others.”


Youshi says that she is privileged to enjoy work life balance. “It took some working at, but I am finally enjoying it. I take personal time out for myself. I consider myself deeply spiritual. Come Friday sunset I tune off mentally from all secular activities and dedicate the next 24 hours to spending with my God and fellow believers. This allows me the space to relax and unwind.”

She explains that this time replenishes and reenergises her for the week ahead. This is also unselfish time dedicated to the service of others. Before covid it was visiting the sick in hospitals, visiting nursing homes to spend time with the aged, bringing them a care hamper and providing some entertainment to the old and frail, most of whom are left to themselves and forgotten by their families.

Further, Youshi enjoys spending time actively in nature, beach walks and socialising. She added that she enjoys old classic hymns and songs.

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