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Bashini Mahomed

Owner Dynamic Shipping Services

Bashini Mahomed

Bashini Mahomed is a force to be reckoned with, in the world of transcontinental logistics.

As rainmaker at Dynamic Shipping Services, a logistics management company in Durban, she’s more than a businesswoman; she’s a determined leader.

After two decades in corporate logistics, Bashini’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2019 at a conference in Hong Kong. An ex-colleague urged her to start her own venture and she was inspired by the challenge. Making the most of one of Hong Kong’s tourist attractions, Bashini visited a temple and threw the mystical Chinese Sticks that are said to offer guidance and spiritual clarity. “Well, I knew what I wanted to do.”

Bashini identified an untapped opportunity in the timber industry in Durban and decided to set up a timber packing facility, and with her husband’s support her path was set.

Resigning from her corporate job in February 2020, Bashini left the comfort and financial security of a stable career. Five days later, she received a call from a customer in need. His logistics service provider had decided to offer exclusivity to his competitor, and he needed help urgently. “Within less than 24 hours I had the task of setting up a timber packing operation, packing ten containers, and turning them into the Durban port stacks, with a 6 a.m. stack closure. It was a baptism of fire and the beginning of a whirlwind journey,” says Bashini. “In business, your reputation matters, and I delivered.”

A couple of weeks later Covid struck but Bashini was able to adapt. The timber industry proved to be a

fortuitous choice as it fell into the ‘essential services’ category. A resilient customer base, hard work and dedication helped her navigate the pandemic. Bashini’s journey isn’t just about the path she’s taken; it’s about the unique way she’s shaping her destination, it’s about creating something special.

“I don’t like to measure success only in turnover, but I am proud of our achievements,” she said. Bashini started the business on her own, and the headcount has increased to five, but her impact extends beyond this. “I’m very proud that I’ve managed to provide employment in the last three years, particularly in view of Covid, the floods and the riots. And not just directly to my own staff,” she points out. As an extension of the DSS service offering, Bashini has indirectly created employment for 25 to 30 people from the Umlazi- Prospecton area.

It’s important to Bashini that her business is contributing to the local economy, creating opportunities, and helping families thrive – a testament to her belief in business as a force for positive change.

“One of our core principles,” she shares, “is to build strong relationships with our clients. We want them to see us as an extended family, not just another business entity. We’re not aiming to be the biggest corporate clearing and forwarding company; we want to be known for our family-oriented, customer-centric approach.”

That said, the financial metrics are impressive. Within three years, turnover has skyrocketed to more than what was envisioned.

Bashini doesn’t care about titles and has no interest in micromanaging her team but expects them to take ownership of their roles. “I’m very open and transparent with my staff,” she explains, “They know exactly where the business is going and what’s expected of them. I’m here to lead my team to success.”

Bashini attributes her work ethic to her father. “He was a hard worker, and I keep telling my staff, what you put in is what you get out. I don’t have a degree, but at every company that I’ve worked, I’ve taken every opportunity for training and educated myself in a field that excites me. Hard work, determination and resilience will always churn out results.”

Bashini acknowledges she’s faced challenges as a woman in the logistics industry, but she takes pride in shattering stereotypes. She’s confident in her industry knowledge, and her experience and expertise have empowered her. “There is definitely space for women in this field and we can excel and make a significant impact.”

Quick to acknowledge the support of her husband, Bashini’s blessed with two daughters, an eight-year-old and a 21-year-old. “I ’d love to tell you I read, but while I read a lot of industry material, when I’m relaxing, I’m more likely to be watching Liverpool on TV or following cricket and rugby.”

Bashini leaves aspiring women in business with a powerful message: “Recognise your potential, empower yourself with learning and take control of your destiny, it all starts with you. If you are not empowered, how do you expect to empower others and effect change.”

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