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Dynamic Shipping Services


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Dynamic Shipping Services is a family-owned business specialising in the logistics and exports of timber related products and other commodities



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Globally Connected, Locally Invested

Dynamic Shipping Services is a family-owned business specialising in the logistics and exports of timber related products and other commodities.

The business is Durban based, with easy access to the Port of Durban, allows accessible, efficient and cost-conscious solutions to be provided.

Bashini Mahomed, the rainmaker at Dynamic Shipping Services, is more than a businesswoman; she's a determined leader. Bashini identified an untapped opportunity in the timber industry in Durban and decided to set up a timber packing facility, and with her husband's support her path was set.

Resigning from her corporate job in February 2020, Bashini left the comfort and financial security of a stable career. Five days later, she received a call from a customer in need. His logistics service provider had decided to offer exclusivity to his competitor, and he needed help urgently. “Within 24 hours I had ten containers into the Durban port stacks. It was a baptism of fire and the beginning of a whirlwind journey,” says Bashini. “In business, your reputation matters, and I delivered.”

Dynamic Shipping Services focuses on harvesting strong, mutually beneficial and collaborative partnerships. Their customer centric and innovative approach is what sets them apart from their competitors.

"One of our core principles," Bashini shares, "is to build strong relationships with our clients. We want them to see us as an extended family, not just another business entity. We're not aiming to be the biggest corporate clearing and forwarding company; we want to be known for our family-oriented, customer-centric approach."

Consequently, Dynamic Shipping Services is committed to ensuring consistent, excellent service levels, with their goal to achieve complete customer satisfaction with every shipment they handle.

Their industry platform is broad and strong, and as a reliable partner, they will surpass your expectations and build valued trust. They pride themselves on the solid relationships they have built within their industry.

Their expertise, coupled with their ethical and collaborative approach is what ensures success in all their endeavours.

First Principles Thinking: the act of boiling a process down to the fundamental truths that you know are true and building up from there.

To align with partners that share the same ethos as ourselves, with trust, ethics and integrity at the forefront of our business.

Cost-Consciousness: Provide pricing to our customer base that will allow them to grow, with a view to developing our economy, for all South Africans.

Responsibility: Giving and taking responsibility are ways to grow and develop as individuals. Lead by example.

Daring to be different: We innovate and create efficiency in everything that we do
People & Planet consciousness: We care and strive for awareness to make a difference. Not just on paper

Bashini's journey isn't just about the path she's taken; it's about the unique way she's shaping her destination, it's about creating something special.

“I don’t like to measure success only in turnover, but I am proud of our achievements,” she said. Bashini started the business on her own, and the headcount has increased to five, but her impact extends beyond this. “I'm very proud that I've managed to provide employment in the last three years, particularly in view of Covid, the floods and the riots. And not just directly to my own staff,” she points out. By collaborating with service providers and extending her packing services to them, Bashini has indirectly created employment of 25 to 30 people from the Umlazi-Prospecton area.

“It’s very important to me that our business has been instrumental in creating employment that supports all these families.” Bashini is contributing to the local economy, creating opportunities, and helping families thrive – a testament to her belief in business as a force for positive change.

Full name of company: Dynamic Shipping Services (Pty) Ltd
Nature of business: Logistics
Services/ products: Exports of timber related products and other commodities
Date established: 2020
Customer Base: Private
No of employees: 5
B-BBEE status

Mission statement
To make international trade accessible to as many companies & individuals as possible. And inspiring and adding employment and value to our communities along the way.

Improve the supply chains of our commercial customers to such a degree that the lives of ordinary South African consumers are impacted positively. Improve the lives of our employees through monetary means and empowering them by providing real-world skills.

Key Personnel
Managing Director: Bashini Mahomed
Operations Director: Fahadil Mahomed -
Finance and Administration: Premie Reddy

Telephone: 083 785 5058
Cell/ WhatsApp

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