Tongaat Hulett

Tongaat Hulett is a leading sugar producer and employer in many of the five African countries in which it operates

Tongaat Hulett

Building Our Future By Creating Sustainable Value For All Our Stakeholders

Tongaat Hulett is an African agri leader in the sugar, ethanol, animal feeds and cattle markets with an unparalleled footprint. Tongaat Hulett produces a range of refined carbohydrate products from sugarcane, with leading brands in all the regions in which it operates. The company is a high potential business with a significant asset base, which is focused on building a relationship with society based on shared value and prosperity.

Tongaat Hulett is a leading sugar producer and employer in many of the five African countries in which it operates. Its ongoing activities in agriculture have resulted in the company having a substantial land portfolio, within the primary growth corridors of KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) with strong policy support for conversion at the appropriate time. Tongaat Hulett has one of the largest portfolios of premier commercial land in KZN and South Africa.

Tongaat Hulett’s vision is to be the most trusted partner in all that they do and their mission is to build their future by creating sustainable value for all their stakeholders. As a partner of government and society, their philosophy is to contribute towards improving the prospects of a better life for many – making a substantial, positive impact on transformation, attracting fixed investments, urban spatial integration, supporting food security, youth development, infrastructure establishment and inclusive rural development.

Tongaat Hulett has seen the benefit of partnering with key stakeholders to achieve a “win win” outcome. These relationships contribute towards achieving the business’s strategic objectives, while also meeting the objectives of its various stakeholders. These include shareholders, governments, private farmers and their representative bodies, communities, employees and people impacted by the company’s operations and its development activities. Tongaat Hulett’s approach to working with its key stakeholders continues to support its objective of being considered as a developmental partner of choice by governments in the SADC regions, in their journey to further growing their agricultural sectors.

Sugar Operations
A leading employer in many of the five African countries of operation, Tongaat Hulett Sugar also exports products to more than 30 countries, predominantly on the African continent as well as parts of Europe and the USA. With sugar being just one of many products that can be extracted from sugarcane, there is great potential for leveraging greater yields and further diversification into downstream products. Tongaat Hulett’s South African sugar operations intend to capitalise on diversification opportunities, which it is already doing in Zimbabwe.

South Africa
The company’s South African sugar operations on the KZN north coast and in the Zululand region operate three sugar mills at Maidstone, Amatikulu and Felixton and a central refinery in Durban. These mills and refinery have an installed capacity to produce more than 600 000 tons of high-quality refined sugar per annum, with the primary product being the leading Huletts® brand. The South African sugar product range offers a total sweetener solution including a range of high-intensity sweeteners. Cane supplies come from a combination of predominately rain-fed own- states, large-scale commercial and small-scale private farmers in rural KZN.

The sugar operations in Zimbabwe consist of Triangle and a 50,3 percent stake in Hippo Valley Estates, representing a combined installed sugar milling capacity of more than 430 000 tons per annum. The total installed refined sugar capacity is 60 000 tons and the Triangle ethanol plant has an installed capacity of 41 million litres over a 48-week production season. The Huletts Sunsweet® brand is the leading sugar brand in the country.

Sugar operations comprise the expanded sugar mills and estates surrounding Xinavane and Mafambisse. The two operations have a combined installed milling capacity of more than 204 000 tons of sugar per annum. The favourable agricultural conditions, proximity to ports, and the technical support from South Africa, position the Mozambique operations well for further growth.

The Botswana operation has the capacity to pack and distribute 60 000 tons of sugar a year using its Blue Crystal® brand.

Renewable Energy
All our sugar mills in Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe generate electricity from bagasse during the sugarcane crushing season. In some instances, these operations supply electricity to the grid. In Zimbabwe, Triangle has an ethanol plant which provided 40 million litres for blending with petrol during the 2019/20 year.

Voermol Feeds
Voermol Feeds is located at the Maidstone mill in Tongaat, KZN. Tongaat Hulett manufactures and markets a range of energy and supplementary feeds to the livestock farming community through its Voermol® brand. Voermol Feeds is the market leader in the molasses and pith-based animal feeds industry in South Africa.

Property Operation
Tongaat Hulett’s portfolio of prime land near Durban and Ballito in KZN, South Africa, has an indicative fair value of R11 billion. This significant portfolio of developable hectares of prime land has the potential to be converted out of sugarcane into urban land as urban development expands and the demand arises.

Tongaat Hulett has well-established land development resources, a solid track record and the right processes to realise this value creation process. This will provide the base for significant value uplift through participation in the downstream property development value chain, together with meaningful social impact through stakeholder value creation, social upliftment and job creation. The indicative developed value of this portfolio is estimated at R35 billion.

Full Name of Company: Tongaat Hulett Ltd
Nature of Business: Agriculture, agri-processing and property Services/Products:
• Leading sugar brand in Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa, where we have a 128-year history.
• An African agri leader with an unparalleled footprint
• A leader in the sugar, ethanol, animal feeds and cattle markets
• A world leader in sugar milling technology.
• One of the largest portfolios of premier commercial land in KZN and South Africa
• Millions of people in the SADC region are directly impacted by the sugar industry

Date Established: 1892
No. of Employees: >30 000 during the peak milling season
SA Operations: Tongaat Hulett Sugar and Tongaat Hulett Properties
Independent External Auditor: Deloitte & Touche
Internal Auditor: KPMG
Bankers: FNB, Nedbank, Standard & ABSA

Chief Executive Officer: Gavin Hudson
Chief Financial Officer: Rob Aitken
Strategy and Business Transformation Executive: Dan Marokane
MD Sugar Operations: Simon Harvey
Corporate Affairs Executive: Bongani Gumede
Business Assurance Executive: Michelle Jean-Louis
HR Executive: Sashir Milne
Company Secretary: Johann van Rooyen

Corporate Office
Physical Address: Amanzimnyama Hill Road, Tongaat, KwaZulu-Natal
Postal Address: P.O. Box 3, Tongaat, 4400
Tel: +27 (0)32 439 4000 Fax: +27 (0)32 945 3333

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