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Businesses need to tell good stories

Akhona Mahlati

Mahlati added that his 'drive' is natural and not contrived. "Business and life in general are about adding value to other people. We must always try to keep things simple and not over complicate them. You can only do good business with good people.

Allan Hirsch

Allan says hard work with a goal in mind was necessary. Retail requires listening to customers and keeping them happy; he believes his success is due to serving others. He says, "I realised my purpose in life is to serve."

Andrew Mills

For Mills, one day is never the same as the next which he says is fantastic. "The wonderful thing about Boxer is that there's always a buzz and it's fast paced." He explained that he is the first to come in, in the morning and the last to leave and he travels a lot both locally and internationally

Ashok Sewnarain

Ashok Sewnarain is the owner of South
Africa’s first privately owned safe deposit
vaults, IBV International Bank Vaults
which is located in Durban’s Gateway
Mall and in Sandton, Johannesburg.

Charles Henzi

"I believe that I am innovative and not deterred from experimentation with new or unconventional ideas." He added that his success has also been driven,  by the good fortune to have inspirational role models as leaders in most cases."

Chris Tyson

CHRIS TYSON's interest in the property industry started from an early age as his family comes from a property background

Colin Naidoo

"The airport is more than just the physical buildings, we don't take stakeholder engagements for granted and we keep on working on them. ACSA's been around for 26 years, and we wouldn't have been one of the most successful state-owned enterprises if we didn't invest in our stakeholder partnerships. The political, economic and financial climate changes constantly and we have had to adapt."

Damian Bradley

 "My own experience as a competitor has always given me the drive and insight to create events from an athlete's perspective. It guides my decisions on the right events to stage, and the various avenues to pursue in my business."

David White

David says, "I dedicate my time to ensuring that I clearly articulate the purpose and desired outcomes the business wishes to achieve, sharing how the business works and the important measurements of enterprise performance, especially customer and shareholder expectations; helping my team to better understand themselves, and their passions and goals. My desire is to help people understand their zone of influence in the business, how they contribute, so that they too can become thinkers and leaders in the business."

Dominic Collett

He says that during his 18 years as a professional engineer he has been fortunate to have strong mentors. Collett said, "They guided and assisted me during difficult career decisions and also kept emphasizing the importance of getting involved with voluntary organisations that enhance society."

Edward Colle

Colle has spent the last eleven years with Belgotex and was appointed as CEO of Belgotex in August 2018. He has a passion for the industry which motivates him daily and is committed to building the company's brand. Sustainability in all aspects of the business is central to the way Belgotex does business. Colle brings a unique perspective to the business

Glenn Delve

Being part of the MSC journey has provided him with many opportunities to continue to learn as, "No day is ever the same". Since the company has grown, new divisions have been added, which have included: ships agency, container depots, ship tracking and repair.

Henk van Bemmelen

HENK VAN BEMMELEN, CEO of Blue Security says, "I fell in love with the security business from an early age - it is in my blood. I can't remember ever waking up and not wanting to go to work. If you have a passion for your business, then you can't go wrong."

Imraan Noorbhai

In his current role as Provincial Head of the KwaZulu-Natal province, Imraan is at the helm of the vibrant retail and business banking operations and is leading a dynamic and energetic team of executives and senior managers.

James Gregory

James explains that it is essential to build a good team. He requires adherence to the operating principles of integrity, accountability, commitment, and taking responsibility for all one's actions. Employees' welfare and safety are important. He believes passionate, responsible, and innovative employees are the building blocks of the company's future

Jonathan Naidoo

JONATHAN NAIDOO is an economics graduate with post-graduate specialisation in research methods, political and economic geography. He was previously COO of Trade and Investment KZN and holds certificates in imports and exports, project financing for public-private partnerships, conflict management, program management, financial modelling. he also holds an estate agents' diploma and an education degree specialising in mathematics

Lindiwe Rakharebe

LINDIWE RAKHAREBE has been the chief executive officer of the Durban ICC since 1st April 2015. Her passion and dedication in growing the KwaZulu-Natal economy as well as her strong background in corporate management has helped to continue to propel the forward momentum of the organisation. Rakharebe said, "I am driven to achieve excellence in every way in my duty and delegation."

Mark Taylor

MARK TAYLOR believes that his career has been characterised by 'thinking big' and having the perseverance to ensure that his plans, which are often innovative, reach fruition

Merrill King

"We pride ourselves in continually striving for excellence and in ensuring that our food is interesting, local and relevant, but most importantly, being steadfastly mindful of our footprint on the environment by adhering to strict QMS and ISO practices.

Michael Harris

Michael says he got involved in Afro's Chicken Shop by default. "Afro's was a tenant of mine in one of the buildings that I owned. I loved the brand and enjoyed what it stood for - simple food that was fresh, tasty, healthy and affordable." He added that he had always had an interest in food and ran a restaurant for three years in the 1980s.

Michael Jackson

His early career, he says, was based on a lot of hard work and some luck. In addition, Jackson said that he was fortunate to work with some good people. "I was privileged to work closely with Graham Cox (who at that time was undoubtedly the best lawyer in Durban) and with Jeremy Yeats. In many respects they were complete opposites. Graham economic with words and decisive; Jeremy amiable, who pondered and weighed the various options in committee."

Mike Saunders

MIKE SAUNDERS’ love of technology and a heart for people have been the fuel behind his entrepreneurial journey

Mpho Mothoa

Mpho Mothoa's career began as a metallurgist for Mintek and for the last 20 years he has worked his way up the corporate ladder through various operations and executive management roles.

Musa Makhunga

MUSA MAKHUNGA's passion for people and society has been driven by the need to "pay it forward". He believes that he would not have achieved as much as he has done in his life if he was not assisted by the generosity of other people

Naeem Asvat

Asvat believes that his career is successful because of three things: integrity, passion and stepping out of his comfort zone. “To me, integrity is a mark of a man; without it one’s character is left undefined. In light of the changes in the profession, I am going to have to say that integrity holds true for me, as it should for every other profession, and is the most important aspect that I have learned.

Neville Matjie

Matjie joined TIKZN after working at the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry. There, he said, he enjoyed interacting with international clients who wanted to either export goods out of South Africa as well as participate in inward buying missions

Niresh Bechan

Niresh Bechan, Lenmed Ethekwini Hospital and Heart Centre's hospital manager, says "Even with the most careful planning, the road of life is unpredictable. The upside of unpredictability is that you may surpass any goals you set yourself."

Pat Moodley

"I am inspired by making a difference. When you finance businesses and can see the growth in these entities, it gives a great sense of accomplishment

Peter Hoffmann

From a corporate perspective, Peter's vision is to provide a sustainable environment for young professionals to build a career. He points out that most of the industry is made up of small businesses, while GeoAfrika is a large practice, with a footprint across South Africa and throughout the continent.

Prasheen Maharaj

Maharaj reflected, "Going back to our African roots, it is perhaps opportune that we begin to explore the concept and possibilities of the collaborative economy or sometimes called the sharing economy. We cannot continue to condone an environment where we have islands of prosperity in a sea of poverty, unemployment and inequality."

Prof Ana Martins

In order to handle change and deal with expectations, Martins regards constant personal development, as a must. This is particularly relevant to keep up with the latest trends in her field of speciality in order to achieve success.

Prof Anesh Maniraj Singh

Prof Singh has served on several national and international committees related to his areas of interest in education. He has presented at many conferences and his research has been published in journals both locally and internationally

Rasheed Amod

Rasheed Amod is a serial entrepreneur who has accomplished much success in his very varied business journey. His business interests have ranged from running a traditional convenience store, to building brands and to large scale construction projects Amod explains that he was driven to achieve by his father who was his role model in life and who had died while he was still at school.

Rob Lovemore

Rob believes part of the reason they keep customers is that he and Bruce are determined and detailed individuals. "It was easy, almost instinctive, to deliver outstanding service, and that led to the development of a trusted reputation." This trust enabled them to quickly pass their competitors.

Roshan Naidoo

Morar says of his career, “As an emerging black entrepreneur, there were many doors that remained closed. I remained focused and determined to change this. Taking calculated risks, hard work and being determined to achieve success, has driven my career.

Shabir Tayob

Shabir stepped into the BMW scene in 2007, buying a small share of 8,5% in the then Supertech Durban Dealership. With a vision of growth, and corporate culture, Shabir purchased 100% in 2012 and since then, has grown the group from one dealership, to six in the space of three years. The Group now has a staff complement of over 350 people, with dealerships in Durban, Pinetown, Pietermaritzburg, Newcastle, Shelly Beach and East London. Supertech has developed into a formidable brand and has become a household name.

Ugen Moodley

Moodley has an inclusive leadership style and enjoys adding value to clients and 'bringing people to the table'. He added that he is nurturing of his team and encourages them to focus on the areas that they are good at, to provide opportunities to succeed.

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