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PEO (Professional Employer Organisation)


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PEO (Professional Employer Organisation)

As a core competency within DRG, we provide PEO Services to a wide range of local and international organisations. This services provision provides organisations with:

  • Labour law foundation and supporting services,

  • Employee taxation guidance and administration, and

  • Social security registrations and payments.

This comprehensive HR service is inclusive of a compliant human resource foundation of payroll administration, workman’s compensation, unemployment insurance, contracts of employment, job descriptions, employment equity, workplace skills plans and annual training record returns, and where applicable, application and submission of critical skills and general work permits.

Our comprehensive HR service provides the following human resource foundation:

  • Payroll administration, inclusive of monthly processing, management reports, payslips, IRP5’s, e-filing and nett pay and third-party payment transfers,

  • Workman’s compensation cover for all staff,

  • Unemployment Insurance Fund registrations and payments,

  • Contracts of Employment,

  • Job Descriptions for staff,

  • Employment Equity Plan and Report,

  • Workplace Skills Plans and Annual Training Records,

  • Application and submission of Critical Skills and General Work Permits where applicable, and

  • Access to Allan Gray Retirement Fund, Discovery Medical Aid, and Life and Risk cover products and services.

Typically, customers using our PEO services are:

  • NGO’s without a fully-fledged HR Department,

  • Organisations funded through government agencies as the Growth and Jobs Fund,

  • Larger organisations that require project and unusual payroll and employment support,

  • Mid-size companies wishing to focus more on core activities and not be pulled into the administration of the business, and

  • SME’s and start-up enterprises that wish to ensure their HR responsibilities are properly structured and fully compliant – from the very beginning.

We are a team of professionals, supporting the human resource function within your organisation, ready to aid and provide assistance as and when needed.

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PEO (Professional Employer Organisation)

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