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Blue Security – Undisputed Leader at PMR Awards 13 Years in a Row

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Security company and industry leader, Blue Security has scooped top place in the PMR Africa Awards for 13 years consecutively!

The Durban based security company clinched the Diamond Arrow award for service excellence and held on to the prestigious titles of Best Security Company and the Company Doing the Most to Fight Crime in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Blue Security CEO, Henk van Bemmelen attributed the company’s winning streak to its core strategy. “We’re proud of our success as the Company doing the most to fight crime. As a business, we are focused on crime prevention and these awards and accolades are testament of our commitment to make the greater Durban area safer.”

The company’s continued success at the PMR Africa Awards is a reflection that they are doing something right. He added, “Apart from our commitment to fighting crime, we have a few fundamentals that we do well. Firstly, we cannot fight against crime and win without our dominant presence, our robust operations, and our dedicated people. Our focus on the communities we serve and our unique partnership of protecting them, side-by-side makes us stronger together. Lastly, through our investment in leading innovation and technology, we’re able to evolve and better serve and protect our clients and communities while fighting the scourge of crime.”

The PMR Africa Awards ceremony is the culmination of an independent research process that rates companies and institutions on their competitiveness, effectiveness, excellence, competence, resilience, and leadership. The rating is based on the perceptions of independent respondents who nominate and rate companies for the awards, with a strong focus on evaluating customer service and satisfaction. The Diamond Arrow award, which recognizes a company as the undisputed leader in its field, is the highest accolade a company can attain.

Van Bemmelen said the sheer hard work and dedication of every team member from Armed Response Officers and Control Center Staff to Technical, Sales and Administrative Personnel had contributed to the company’s success. He said that as the largest privately owned local security company with the strongest vehicle presence in communities, the team had together with the SAPS and other law enforcement partners, achieved dozens of successful arrests.

He said technology had also become a vital component in the company’s strategy to fight crime and that its constant research and attendance at international security trade shows kept it in tune with the latest global security system innovations such as smart alarms and high-tech CCTV and ANPR (Automated Number Plate Recognition) cameras. “We have invested in high-tech crime prevention security systems, including automated number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras in Amanzimtoti, the Highway Area and Umhlanga which have led to the arrest of suspects and the recovery of stolen vehicles,” Van Bemmelen said.

“Our Community Development Department has also partnered with dedicated members of neighborhood watch groups who we work with and closely on the ground, leading to countless successes. We have over the years established our Community Crime Prevention Unit (CCPU), which was previously known by residents as our tactical team that has proved to be an invaluable force on the ground, investigating and apprehending wanted criminals” Van Bemmelen said.

“We will also continue to be active in communities presenting our crime and security awareness campaigns and alerting residents to security risks and the latest crime trends in their suburbs,” Van Bemmelen said.


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