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Defy to start producing solar-powered fridges, freezers from January

Home appliance producer Defy Appliances will start producing fridges and freezers capable of operating solely on solar energy

Defy Appliances CEO Mustafa Soylu said this pioneering initiative positioned South Africa as a leader in the fight against climate change, with these products anticipated to be available to retailers by January 2024.

“Climate change necessitates a comprehensive transformation of the technologies utilized both at home and within the industry. South Africa is actively ensuring the production of future technologies and meeting the demand for lower-emission consumer products,” Patel added.

The new units, designed to operate exclusively on solar energy, will be equipped with an attached battery system, while remaining affordable to enable a broad consumer base to transition to green appliances.

Defy, as South Africa’s largest producer of home appliances, manufactures about 1.5-million appliances, including fridges, freezers, stoves, ovens, dryers and top-loader washing machines, locally every year. The group also exports products to 35 other African countries.

Edited by Chanel de Bruyn

Creamer Media Senior Deputy Editor Online


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