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Overall mental, physical, emotional, and economic health of employees.

The finalists are:

  • Phungela Holdings

  • Star Retailers

  • Graduate Institute of Financial Sciences (GIFS)

  • JD Telecom

Phungela Holdings

Phungela Holdings is a South African business technology and digital transformation firm, that understands that a healthy and engaged workforce is crucial for productivity, job satisfaction, and overall success.

Star Retailers

The group’s name is called STAR RETAILERS, because it stands for SUCCESS will be achieved with a TEAM of staff with the right ATTITUDE and RESPECT for each other. The group has over 1200 employees at its supermarkets and through their charity work they encourage teamwork, collaboration, and unity.

Graduate Institute of Financial Sciences (GIFS)

GIFS is a thought leader and disruptor in financial services education and training that believes a happy team is a productive team and this is demonstrated by the personal and professional growth of their team members.

JD Telecom

JD Telecom is a satellite and technology-based entity that focuses largely on establishing connectivity and communications purposes. The age old saying of “Happy employees are productive employees”, is very true in JD Telecom’s business whose employees are acknowledged as valued role-players.

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